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Testimony - building the Living Wall.

Today on the Live Sandhills Ecclesia, I shared a testimony of what the Lord was doing with the plumb bob and a wall and realigning after an accident. The Lord has been working with me throughout today and done more amazing things with it, taking it to even deeper cleansing and restoration.

As I was in the moment of helpless intense pain having wrenched my ankle in a hole under overgrown grass a couple of days ago, the black sky fell down over me in the spirit, and my insides were desperately crying out, Where's God? Where's God? It was desolate because I did not perceive any presence of the Lord or His angels. The pain was so intense I held back screams and moaned instead. Nobody and nothing came to my rescue.

I resolved to force myself to get back on my feet and not feel abandoned or rejected and instead to wait on the Lord in faith, knowing He would come through - and He did later on, with the plumb line vision on a wall.

In the vision were two major kinks near the foundational base of the wall, which I now realize was from my own life, in teenage years, when I was drastically thrust into the evil timeline.

One was when I had my near death experience at age 16 and left my body and as I was floating upwards in the spirit, my insides were crying out Where's Jesus? Where's Jesus? It deeply cracked my faith for many years that I was possibly dying and did not see Jesus but came back into my body with a jarring when I envisioned the grief of family at my funeral. I looked at their faces and decided that I couldn't die of exposure on that small mountain, being so young, for their sake.

So I have been dealing with that deep seated fear of not being saved and not experiencing His presence as abandonment or rejection. I know now that He is there and I just need to push through further by faith. And not get on the evil timeline through doubt and insecurity or to go to CoH and be restored to God's timeline.

So I did some study prep today and I went through several CoH as led by Holy Spirit. When I went to the Court of Reclamations at the end I asked if there was anything further Heaven wanted me to see.

I saw a movie reel of a train with many goods wagons going through a country embankment in a type of Wild West frontier. The train was paused there. Suddenly bandits on horseback rode down the embankment to plunder the train with guns firing. I understood it was my train and Heaven's goods they wanted to plunder. They were up by the carriage windows but had not entered. I called on the angelic guard and a mighty swoop of white lights and golden glory zoomed out of the sky and the bandits fled instantly as Heaven rejoiced and the coffers were taken into the Heavenly treasury. Exciting stuff! Praise God!

I deeded my wall to Jesus Christ for His safe keeping. Heaven built up my wall with living gemstones and the kinks and breaches and crumbly bricks were repaired. I asked for our Lord Jesus Christ to be established as the corner stone and the 12 Apostles of the New Covenant to be the foundation of the Living Wall in the New Jerusalem, which they graciously did. The Lord applied the plumb line bob to it and it passed inspection. Watchmen were placed on the wall.

What can I say - AMAZING !!! Alleluia!

Brenda Morley


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