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Testimony - a departing spirit.

In the course of my work recently, we received a funeral notice for one of the Polish women who had passed away. This struck me with a bolt because I had been hearing her name for several days and when I looked at the time frame, I saw that this was in the interim between her death and her funeral.

I emailed my contact at the Association and said I would be praying for her. Many are staunch Roman Catholics and they appreciate prayers for the dead.

I started to pray in the spirit and I understood that her spirit was still with the body in the funeral parlour. I asked the Father if I needed to open up the silver channel for her but I understood it was not necessary at that time. I saw that the angel of the Lord was stationed near the casket and I started to explain spirit to spirit with this woman to go with the angel of the Lord to Jesus Christ and to enter the heavenly realm when the time was right.

I asked my friend Anne to pray as well, because we did not want her spirit getting side-tracked.

I held her before the Father in prayer, did some repentance on behalf, asked for Godly bonds of blessing for the woman and her family, friends and associates etc.

I looked up the process charts for LHS and she didn't seem to fit those categories. I went to the help desk of Heaven and when I got there, they said they knew her and the angel of the Lord was with her.

A day or so later, Anne and I were listening to the replay of Sandhills Ecclesia's latest meeting and a portal opened up in my room as we connected with the glory of the Lord and both spoke in tongues, filled with exceeding joy.

Just towards the end of the replay, the spirit of this woman 'dropped in' and she thanked me by name - I don't think she would have known my name in the natural. She said she was going with the angel to Jesus now. Off she went, and I felt so much joy and relief. I prayed in very intense tongues and witnessed Jesus embrace this dear daughter then some of the Polish people came out of the golden gates in the spirit and embraced her with such intensity I almost couldn't stand up - the tug on my heart was so strong.

I had only met this woman briefly in the natural a couple of times - but she knew all about my intercession in the spirit - which blew me away.

Her life was quite extraordinary, as she was deported at gunpoint by the Soviets to Russia as a toddler, came to Persia and then to New Zealand in World War 2. Many of these Polish wartime child survivors have such an intense faith.

Brenda Morley


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