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Testimony - return of insurance payments!

Yesterday I found out that I had been accidentally paying insurance since August 2017 for a vehicle I no longer owned because somehow or other this policy had not been canceled and remained part of some bundle which I had no longer any idea about ...

Um! I silently apologised to the Father, Son and Holy Spirit for being a poor steward in this regard and determined to do better. I released the situation to the Father and tried to not be too upset with the situation but to take it as a learning curve.

The insurance woman immediately said, without me asking, that she would contact the underwriters and ask if they would refund these payments - amazingly, they agreed!

It could only be the Lord's grace - cos everyone is flabbergasted at this turn of events.

Today, I was thinking of how I went a couple of times at the end of the Mithraism book prayers to plunder the enemy's camp, assigned the angelic host and angelic guard and prayed a mighty prayer in the Spirit for exactly this kind of restoration without knowing any details - believing in faith that our Father in Heaven would execute it according to His righteousness. Woo-Hoo! Alleluia!

Brenda Morley


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