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I am requesting bonds please. Last week a guy on my nephews football team went to pick up his best friend, also on the football team, and his girl friend from school from where he worked at Sonics. The girl was driving and somehow she ran up a steep embankment. Her boy friend who was sitting behind her fell out of the car and the car rolled down and crushed him. His best friend in the front climbed out and saw him dead and ran home and blew his brains out. The entire community, school, and the team are staggering. The girl just came out of the hospital and her name is Amalie Wendt. The next day a mother with two of her daughters were driving and she had her 15 year old driving. They crashed and 2 of them dead. This right before graduation. Has the smell of witchcraft to it. If anyone has a regional anointing, thank you for the bonds, for Lancaster, Penn.

Garret Slaugenhoup
Lynette (NZ)


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