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Thank you to all the Sandhills Ecclesia people and their angels who supported me through the repentance prayer I spoke on behalf of the historical church in Ukraine and the surrounds during the last Zoom meeting. My soul was fainting within me and I couldn't see or get the full download in the spirit as I normally would in that sort of repentance. It was so daunting, my heart was poured out on the altar / Rock as a living sacrifice to the point where I died in Christ for a moment and had no sense of my 'soulish self' - only a desperate hope in Him!

But I could feel the prayers of the saints coming through in golden waves, supporting me.

The Psalms started to come alive, especially Psalm 61: 1-4 'Hear my cry, O God'. A thick ceramic coating like a pale lemon egg cracked open from over my heart and the cry came out from the depths of my being, during which the Lord delivered me with a mighty golden and white light shaft zapping through!

As I have been processing through this for the last few days, I saw the Father's covenant promise reminders to Abraham in the cutting of the pieces and to Noah with the rainbow.

There's something very ancient going on underneath this war and I sense it is to do with God's promises to the children of Abraham and the children of Israel.



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