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Testimony: Nation of New Zealand.

I was listening on the replay last night to Sandhills Ecclesia'srepentance for the church in the celestial court and putting Canada back on the Godly timeline. I felt convicted to stand alongside this and requested the same or similar for my nation of New Zealand which currently has had many of the same things going on governmentally as Canada and Australia with stringent mandates, socialist and communist takeover attempts.

As I went into prayer, I brought in a reminder to the Lord of the World War 1 New Zealand Mounted Rifles who took the heavily defended hill near Beersheba where the wells of Abraham and Isaac are situated. This defeat of the Ottoman forces cost the lives of eight New Zealanders with 26 wounded and I called on their sacrificed blood in the Holy Land to speak for New Zealand. Taking this tel cleared the way for the Australian Light Horse to then take this town at the southern end of the Promised Land. Perhaps this is what Mark was referring to in the presence of the Holy Spirit.

I saw the evil timeline for New Zealand switched at the train tracks and the Lord's timeline track for New Zealand split off to the right as the glory train for New Zealand suddenly changed direction and took this new track.

The headline in today's news from Radio New Zealand reads: Prime Minister's unintentional timeline for lifting mandates see link:

Then this afternoon the Lord took me into a big warfare mainly in tongues, in which the governmental angels over New Zealand named Zeal and Hohepa (Maori Indigenous name for Joseph) joined with the governmental angels of Sandhills Ecclesia - Ezekiel and the Lord's host. There was a big battle in the Heavenlies. The banner of YHWH with a Seraph on it was erected over all the nation's flags at the South Pole.

I saw that the nations and their flags at the South Pole all bowed before the Lord's Seraph banner because the battle is the Lord's. There was a clearing with glory holy fire through the waters from the South Pole, Scott Base to New Zealand. This is important because New Zealand has given governmental authority to China to construct a base there on the New Zealand administered area of the Ross Dependency. The clearing of the waters flowed from the South Pole up through New Zealand administered waters, around Stewart Island to Bluff at the bottom of the South Island. The Bluff portal opened and the Heavenly Host took charge, streaming in. Then in flowed a golden glory holy stream of fire up New Zealand to the tip of the North Island Cape Reinga portal and straight through the seas and lands to the gates of Jerusalem where the banner of the Lord with the Seraph flew overhead in victory to the Lord. There was much rejoicing in Heaven at the Lord's victory. Astonishing! Praise YHWH in Jesus Yeshua's name.

Tracey Kleinwaks
Brenda Morley


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