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I have a prayer request if anyone feels led to help pray for my Neice, Lacey and her family, Husband Mike and sons, Lil Mike, Devon,Jay and Tyler.. They live in a rough city in West MS, and Lacey and her husband Mike have raised their 4 sons, 18 and under the best they know how, to get an education and to stay out of trouble. But on that day trouble came looking for them. Each of these charges carry years in prison.. for her husband Mike, sons, Lil Mike(18) and Devon(17) being charged as an adult. Their young lives are threatened to be taken from them with years in prison. Per Lacey, This gang in their grandmother’s neighborhood has been threatening her son’s lives for about 2-3 years. This gang hates her sons mostly because they are mixed. When this happened Mike Sr’s family came together and raised $10,000 between them to get a good Attorney.. they know they were set up. I have sent her to several links and a lot of things to pray and get this won in the spirit first. I feel like we need the extra prayer help if anyone feels led to also pray for them. Below is her synopsis of what happened that day and the charges, although many details are left out, Holy Spirit will need to lead you. Their attorney is entering a not guilty plea against all charges today.

From Lacey; On November 7 2021 around 1:30 my oldest son Michael jr. was taking his friend to get a change of clothes to play basketball in. His friend lives in a housing community known as “the Sub”. Upon pulling up in front of his friends house Michael noticed a group of 5 boys walking towards his car. He recognized the boys almost immediately, the boys have been sending threats for the past 2-3 years at Michael and his brothers. When the boys got close enough one of them pulled a handgun from his wait, and my son had his dads gun in the car already, so he quickly grabbed it and told his little brother get down now. From then they started shooting at each other. That last for about 1-2 minutes with nobody injured thankfully. After Michael jr left, he went to his cousins house. Around this time the friends mother called me to let me know what had happened. So I called my husband Mike sr. To let him know what happened. Him and my other son Devon were on their way home from cutting grass. So he decided to go to the sub and try to find an adult or parent to talk to and try to figure out what can they do to stop this mess that is going on between the kids. He should have went straight to the Police but it’s just not something that you do here. He finds one of the parents along with the same group of boys and started talking to the parent. In the midst of Mike Sr. and the other parent talking, one of the children started shooting at my husband and the rest of the boys followed. The parent falls to the ground and my husband ran back to his truck to get his gun. For the next 5-8 minutes everyone was shooting at each other. And my husband and son were able to get out of the neighborhood alive. And no one else got shot or hurt either. Charges are, 3 drive by shooting, one shooting into an unoccupied vehicle, one obstruction of a minor. My youngest son was in the car. They charged, 1 drive by on Mike Jr, drive by and shooting into an unoccupied vehicle on Devon, and drive by and obstructing a minor on Mike Sr. Our lawyer has court today at 2pm to enter the not guilty plea.


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