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Testimony: US Navy wreck World War 2 Pacific Ocean

About a week ago I was walking and praying in the spirit, when I started to remember some US Navy officers' mess crockery from a sunken wreck that a friend gave me just before he passed away, approximately 20 years ago. He had lived in Papua New Guinea and had dived on this wreck many years before. He brought home a box of salvaged crockery with insignia on each piece. The wreck was in the vicinity of Guadalcanal or Papua New Guinea. I don't remember the name of it having been identified. I did not want to keep this 'souvenir' so I immediately donated it to the local Returned Services Association, here in New Zealand.

As I began to pray, I repented of my small part in being connected to this sea grave site. I started to see in the spirit that it was an area of great trauma and I saw the horror of how the sailors had met their tragic ends. Then I understood there were many LHSs trapped there due to shock. I saw how to commission the angels and to open the silver channel for the LHSs to leave the watery area. There were loads of them which eventually moved on with angelic assistance and quite a bit of reassurance. The angelic host then cleansed the area.

It was so amazing. Part of me was wondering if this phenomenon had actually taken place, as I have only just started reading the LHS book, so I asked for verification. I received a download of a name 'Nimitz'. I was taken to a museum in the spirit which had a very large painting of a highly ranked naval officer whom I understood to be 'Nimitz'. Then I received more details, including 'Rear Admiral', 'submarines', 'Hall of Fame', 'Solomon Islands'. When I returned home, I Googled these pieces of information and found them to be true of this man, Chester Nimitz, Commander in Chief, Pacific Ocean Areas, who was an American naval hero of World War 2. He had been active at the Battle of Midway and the Solomon Islands. Nimitz was also the leading US Navy authority on submarines.

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