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This morning the Lord confirmed in a flash that He had been speaking with me about joining Sandhills Ecclesia. I was camping from late December to early January, seeking the Lord about where I was meant to be connected since the unV'd are not allowed inside my church. I stayed at a rudimentary freedom camping site over New Year which was very windswept at the edge of the Tasman Sea between Australia and New Zealand. There are many large sand dunes there, which the Lord kept drawing my attention to. When I had my second Bonds Registry session with Karee, she mentioned a link to Sandhills Ecclesia. Now I get it, Lord - sand dunes - Sandhills - as many sand dunes out on that coast are actually hills: see a link - not my photos:

How marvellous are Your ways, Lord.

Tracey Kleinwaks
Brenda Morley


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