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We have been having a very difficult time with some work we have been doing on our old farm house. We needed to have water and electric put underground from the house to the barn. Electrical line is strung in dead trees that will fall down sooner or later. So we got a local guy who had done some work, plumbing and working on our bathroom. We asked him to do this job outside with the water and electric. He sent his son in good faith to do the job. It's been a mess with a ditch dug weeks ago and one other guy ran off with our money for the electrical cable. So, the dad has been trying to make it right for us, but he has little time available. We also need to have the electrical cable to finish it.

We have certainly learned our lesson about getting things in writing appropriately; but I am asking for bonds so that we can get this stuff finished. Thanks!!

Adina Horner


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