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A Safe Place To Experience Restoration!

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We suffer many types of losses in life. Death of a loved one or pet, loss of a job, and loss of relationships, to name a few. Each loss is to be grieved. What happens when we feel ourselves becoming stuck in our grief? How can we move forward and live abundantly after our loss? We may ask ourselves if there is even life after our loss. Be encouraged! There is life after loss. This group is about moving forward. It is about equipping you with the skills to thrive and to leave survival mode behind. The most valuable part of this experience is that you are not going through it alone. There is comfort, love, support within this group experience. We support and encourage each other throughout this journey and well afterwards. You are free to share as much as you would like of your experience. I will not dig around in your pain. We acknowledge our pain and then find a path forward together. A lot of what Father does with us is to correct or reframe our perspective about what has happened to us. He lets us know that in spite of what has happened, he still has plans for an abundant life for us all.

Come, let's work on this together with people experiencing similar challenges. We are the body of Christ working together in love, brothers and sisters helping each other to heal. (Group Counseling)

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