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From Your Heavenly Father - 2/10/22

My word for today is love. Love your neighbor as yourself. This is what I am doing in all of your lives now. Little by little you will see it come forth in greater levels than ever before.

My word washes over you and purifies and cleanses all that is not of me and my Kingdom.

Watch for the little miracles and see them grow. Be aware of my love for you now. Be sensitive to my touch. Let your heart trust me to go to deeper levels of love. I remove the old crusty hardened stuff. I remove the things that you aren’t even aware of that would hold you back or hinder you from receiving my love.

Are you enjoying life now? Let’s go deeper in my love and care for you. Are there challenges and difficulties you are facing? Let’s go deeper in my care and love for you. Is their pain, suffering or disappointment you face? Let’s go deeper in my care and love for you.

For no matter what you face I am alway near to you. Let me love you as no other could or even should. No one can replace me for I have set a place in your heart for just the two of us. No one cares for you as I do. No one can understand the cares you carry as I do. I am your Father who deeply loves you.

You will find rest in my caress. You will feel restored and renewed as never before. You are precious to me. You are valued and loved in me.

I am your Heavenly Father.

Do you see me? Do you hear me? Come to me now!

Miracles are jumping all around. Pay attention they are profound!

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