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What is AfterCare Ministry?

AfterCare of LifeSpring International Ministries provides compassionate and effective services through prayer, counseling, and teaching. We minister according to divine design, teaching first how we were created by our Father to live: Spirit, Soul & Body. We depend on the resources of heaven for freedom for our clients.

Through LifeSpring’s Personal Advocacy sessions, we become aware of the damage that has been done to ourselves and our bloodlines. Many are suffering through various trials and injustices, some self-inflicted and some inflicted upon them by others. The good news is that no situation or circumstance is too difficult for Jesus. He knows you! He loves you! You are special to Him! AfterCare Ministry is NOT the same as Personal Advocacy. Personal Advocacy sessions provide the freedom to experience the rewards that come from making better choices and receiving restored opportunities in your life. They release you from the bondages that have held you and your family captive for generations. Often there is more work to do after your Personal Advocacy session. AfterCare is the next step in your journey to healing and restoration. AfterCare Ministry empowers you through the guidance of the Holy Spirit to identify those areas of your life where achange in mindset and behavior need to occur. We work together with you to help you recognize your underlying problems, fully realize your strengths and help you adjust to a new, healthier lifestyle through wise and practical counseling. At AfterCare, we desire to create a comfortable and safe environment in which our clients feel loved, honored and accepted regardless of where they come from, what they have done or what they have suffered. AfterCare Ministry offers classes, personal counseling and group counseling.

Personal Advocacy sessions are NOT offered here.

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