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Testimony: Two LHSs quite glad to leave ...

Thanks to Kevin and Rosalind for the session in which two male LHSs attached to my family lines through an old, probably Druidic, covenant but not bloodlines, going way back to when the family was living in England, have now willingly gone with the angels through the silver channel to Jesus.

I had already had the ungodly trust dealt with previously but I had a sense there were still LHSs around. I had been seeking the Lord and getting whispers in the spirit but could not put the seemingly random and cryptic pieces together: clues like Oliver Twist, Dickensian London, David Copperfield, a beaten copper firescreen in my grandmother's house, the name of William, a copperhead snake ...

Kevin started to get two names - they turned out to be Oliver William and Leo (Leonard) Copperfield! Rosalind picked up on Copperhead as well - the one with red hair. In a flash, I suddenly knew this is what my clues had been about.

When the Lord's bounty hunters came I felt a mighty power which I sensed was golden. I sensed the 2 spirit men being escorted away from my realms and a gush of airy release and the pressure from under my left side lower ribs was vacated.

I felt very light in the spirit, touched with Glory and rejoicing because they both decided of their own free will to go to Jesus. One, I think Leo Copperfield, commented to Kevin that he had been very tired of being in this realm for soooo long! They both said they had been well-prepared to leave now.

Rosalind asked if there was any demonic guard with them so Kevin asked his contact Michael in the Court of Records who explained no, because the demonic guard had already been cleared previously, along with the LHSs from my bloodlines, when the ungodly trust was broken and they were all dealt with. These two, not being of the bloodlines, had to be dealt with separately.

Quite mind-blowing and it has taken me a day to process all this. Alleluia! Blessings to this awesome ministry and the people and heavenly co-labourers in it! Love you, so much!

A. Rogers
Melonie Gerald
Garlenia Davis


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