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1/23/22 Angelic Commissioning

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Release the sound, the Song of the Ages, upon the hearts of the peoples. Reverberate the echoes to the land. Orchestrate the energy of the spheres carrying the accompaniment of the strength. Burst your wings in unison of the audible voice of the Lord Most High, echoing the fruit of it to men. From out of your mouths, blow the violence of the sound that looks like wind upon the cauldrons that have been erected high. Make a display of them that beat they drums against the Glory. With swiftness of feet, trample down the gateways aligned against the freedoms. Turn back the time keeper undoing the replications of false sounds to the realms. Bring the Light into focus surrendering the air to the pure waves of its brightness. Array the fragrance in fellowship. Do all of this in Jesus's name!

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