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A Season of Portals

Father said, “This is the season of portals, portals being revealed, experienced, and manifested. This is what the scripture means, “The earth is moaning and groaning and waiting for the manifestation of the sons of God[1].”

Your eyes are portal. You are a portal. Everything about you is a portal, your eyes, your hearing, your hands are portals. As you touch, you open portals. As you touch, you extend. You create portals by touch. Your feet are portals, your words are portals. They are life or they can be death.

So, as you operate in your sonship, you also simultaneously operate as a Kingdom ambassador, as a Kingdom initiator, as a Kingdom manifestation of the extension of your

Father because you carry the very DNA of your Father.

Walk, live, manifest, and create portals. You will see in this hour that there will be many who will experience transporting from one place to another, from one region to another, from one time zone to another. You will also experience new portals – new portals that you have not yet understood or heard of, for Heaven has unlocked, the Father has unlocked and given you keys, maps, and map rooms. These were not only for angels, but this is for you, as a son so that you can navigate and commission your angels to use the maps and the map keys that they have been given.

Remember, you are to co-labor with them and you are to operate with them, not just commission them. You will also receive revelation so that when you commission them, you will have a greater understanding of their assignment as you commissioned them. This is the call, this is the shift, this is the portals. The purpose of the portals are to mature the sons to rise up and take dominion.

As I've ordained before the foundation of the world, you are My assignment because I created you to be My extension, My eyes, My ears, My hands, My feet, My heart. You are My body. So, as sons, as sons, as true sons, stand in your sonship, operate in your identity. As you open your mouth, I have already promised you that I will speak through you in that same hour. You, many times, will not know what to say, but you will sense the unction or the flow or the receptive door and entry into the portal. The portals, as they open, will beckon you. You'll be drawn to them; you'll be pulled in for they are aware of your position. They are alive. There are entities.

There are many, many, many, many, many, many, many, many levels and dimensions and depths in glory. As there are heights in glory, there are depths in glory. As there are heights and depths in glory, there are widths and lengths in glory for this is part of what I have called the body to do – to rule and reign. The kingdom of darkness already knows that they are what you have access to.

So, take your place, take your place, take your place.”[2]

David remarked, “This has probably been happening before, but I wasn't cognizant of it, but as you were talking, Dr. Ron, I could feel your words penetrating. I wasn’t just hearing, but the words were going inside of my being. This was a brand-new experience. I know the scripture says, ‘Death and life is in their power of the tongue and they that don't love it, eat the fruit thereof.’

“All of a sudden, I'm surrounded by portals.

“There's one over here to the right. I will step in. So when I stepped in and I said, ‘Where am I?’, I heard ‘You're in the future.’”

Paul, the apostle appeared and explained to David, “This is the portal that I experienced. Become comfortable in the vibration and the frequencies of this portal. You will experience and see things that you will not be able to share until the Father releases you. This is one of many portals that will be open to the body of Christ. God has hand selected many to be transported. You all have been taught to commission and to pray and to use the phrase, ‘in time and out of time back to the hand of the Father and to infinity’. These are the portal that you created. Every time you speak those words, then step out, step in, step out, step in, it is just that accessible.

“When you stepped into the Library of Revelation you saw the books. When you stepped into the vault of LifeSpring, into this room that was in the library, you were stepping into the future. You were stepping into the mind of the Father. You were stepping into the blueprint that is out of time or that is in the future of LifeSpring.

“When I said, ‘whether in the body or out of the body, I did not know’ I had been released and I had stepped into this portal and portals like it.

“In my day, as I was alive on the earth, there were many things I could not share because those who I were addressing could not perceive or understand. Now this is the season. Do you really understand? It is important that you understand the gravity of what is before you. The weightiness. This is not just a weight, but it is a responsibility, and it is a commissioning from Heaven, from our Father. The earth has been in waiting for centuries. I understand you are processing, David, you are processing what you are feeling. How these things and how these portals work are impacting your realms.”

David replied, “I don't have a place to put it, but I extended my soul earlier, and now I'm at peace.

Paul added, “This is how the Ecclesia must be trained and instructed because there will be an increasing momentum of revelation that is being released because the ecclesia has positioned itself to co-labor and to live from Heaven's dimensions.

“Ron already knows and is very familiar with these portals and these dimensions, but he has stewarded this revelation well and the Father is pleased. He has been tested over these last years to only release in its proper time each revelation.

“Now, you are learning how to steward. Stephanie is learning how to steward. Adina will learn how to steward and those called alongside and those that will relocate to Sandhills shall be as a launching pad.

“What do you see David?”

David replied, “I see Cape Canaveral. I see the place where the rockets are launched from.”

Paul remarked, “That's what you are, that's what Ron is, that is what Stephanie is. Each of you are portals, but you are also likened to a launching pad for the release of the flow of revelation.

“When you saw the portal in Eden last night, you saw the water coming and the portal coming down – the water coming down as a portal and then flowing out of the garden. That is how the revelations will be released and are being released even now. Do you feel the weight, the gravity of this glory that we're in?”

David replied, “I do Paul. I do.”

Enoch appeared and said, “Now you understand. Your understanding is becoming increasingly fruitful. You have had wonderful years of what it was like to walk with God. I learned to walk in revelations, but I also learned how to walk through portals. Stephanie has experienced that. She has seen me. Hi Stephanie.”

Stephanie replied, “Hi Enoch.”

Enoch asked, “Want some pie?”

Stephanie laughed and responded, “Yes. Blueberry, right?”

Enoch replied, “You got it, my sister. We eat a lot of pie here. I love pie. We have been waiting and waiting and waiting to fellowship and interact with you – with God's creation – God's sons. Now we are excited. We wait with great anticipation to interact and co-Labor with you and that you will experience what the real life is and that is to live in Heaven, on earth.

Real life is to live in Heaven, on earth.

As you now know, the real world is the visible. Cloaks have been erected. Shields e been erected and they have been erected to protect what you are receiving. Angels have been assigned to release frequency jammers so that these revelations will be protected and properly stewarded by the sons of God. I have got to go now.”

David remarked, “That was fun!”

Shortly thereafter, Dr. Ron Horner received this message relating particularly to those who are destined to write a book or books.

Open Writing Portals

Stay in the flow. Several portals of writing have opened up. You can announce it to the attendees this morning. Some will take advantage of it. Some who have yet to write anything will find a new ease in writing. I will create an ease, not only in writing, but in stepping to the realms of Heaven; a new ease in teaching and preaching, even a new ease in testifying of the goodness of the Father. A new ease in many arenas. Enjoy the ease.

Recognize the portals. Recognize the attendees of these portals – men or women in white or angels. The greater the recognition, the greater the release from those portals.

Books that have been on the proverbial shelf will come forth in the coming days…from team members, from ministry friends, from those who had laid the sword of their pen down. For them, it is time to pick it up again. Grasp it firmly – own the anointing for it. Come out of agreement with anything that says you are not qualified to write. I have given each of you a story that needs to be told.

You are prophesying to their ability with each book that comes forth through you. That encourages many yet some are discouraged thinking they have to match up. I do what I do through you because you have permitted that flow. They can do the same. Encourage them in that.

[1] Romans 8:19-22 [2] This portion was received by David Porter.

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