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An Explosion of Righteousness

As we engaged Heaven for Sandhills Ecclesia, we heard the phrase, “There is an explosion of righteousness taking place.” Stephanie, who was leading the engagement at this point immediately defaulted to the scripture in Isaiah that states that: explosion of righteousness “our righteousness is as filthy rags”.

For many, that is the default when we hear the word righteousness. Heaven has been teaching us a different way of looking at a variety of things including the concept of righteousness. Today would be no different.

I pointed out that Heaven wasn’t talking about our righteousness – that coming from our own efforts…rather, the righteousness that we receive as sons.

In Matthew 6:33 we are instructed to seek first the Kingdom of God AND His righteousness and everything else we need would be added to us. There is an explosion of righteousness, but we are to seek the Kingdom of God and His righteousness.

Our heavenly instructor asked, “If you're seeking the Kingdom of God, wouldn't you receive the explosion of righteousness? It would already be.”

As the word ‘be’ was spoken the entity, the being that IS righteousness came in AND upon our being.

Heaven said, “Righteousness is an adjective. Righteousness is an attitude. If you have the attitude that faith is the substance, then righteousness is the attitude.”

Stephanie remarked, “I see all of it as an actual substance.”

Heaven continued, “As a son, you bear and you will be, His righteousness. Not in and of yourselves but take on the explosion of righteousness. Let it explode within your being! You may wear it as a garment for it is fitting.”

Stephanie noted the pun because you fit into a garment for the sons to carry the substance.

Adjectives are action words. They describe a word. It could be the color or an action.

Righteousness is an action. An explosion is an action. An explosion reverberates.

At that point we were led to the Library of Revelation that we had been visiting quite a bit

lately. Paul was present to teach us.

Paul began to explain, “Righteousness is not only an adjective, but it is a manifestation of the character of Abba. When you step into righteousness, you step into His character. When you embrace it, you embrace all that He is, all that His righteousness is. That is why your righteousness is as filthy rags, but His righteousness is holy. His righteousness represents His heart, His love, His thoughts. As you step into His righteousness, you are the extension of those things and when you let the righteousness explode or when you embrace the explosion, you are saying, ‘I surrender myself and I enter into that which You are, that which you have called me to be’. Remember the scripture that is in Colossians you are hidden in Christ, in God.

“When you step into the righteousness of God, you become hidden in Him.

“When you step into the righteous and when it explodes, that is how one truly walks in the spirit and does not fulfill the lusts of their flesh.”

Stephanie remarked, “That's why it's an action word.”

Paul replied, “Exactly, Stephanie, exactly. Righteousness is a way of walking, a way of thinking, a way of acting.”

Stephanie added, “That's why it's an attitude.”

Paul said, “You have it. This is a revelation that people have not understood because they have always been tied to works. You cannot be tied to works. You cannot hold onto works and walk in His righteousness. That is why it's necessary to allow His righteousness to explode. It will reverberate, it will remove everything that's not of Him. Seek first the kingdom and His righteousness, It's an attitude. It is an action. It is something that you must do, you must pursue. So, when pursuing Him, when pursuing His Kingdom, you pursue His righteousness. Some do not get this. They only pursue the Kingdom. But remember it says, ‘seek first the kingdom and His righteousness, then whatever you need will be added to you by the response or the actions of what you are doing. You are obeying His word. Jesus was teaching His apostles, His disciples of how to properly posture themselves as servants, as leaders, as future apostles. How to represent, how to teach, how to instruct those that they will encounter.”

I remarked, “Let me inject something here. An adjective is a word that describes the qualities or states of being of nouns.

“The sons are the nouns.

“And we are a state of being as a son.”

Stephanie remarked, “That's why righteousness is an adjective in this case.”

David added, “And even last week, part of what Heaven said was, “Just be.”

Paul turned and walked away further into the library. As he did, Enoch appeared.

Enoch remarked, “Wasn't that good?”

David replied, “Yes it was.”

Enoch added, “As I began to walk with the Father daily, I began by seeking Him. I wanted to be with Him. I wanted to walk in The Glory. I wanted to know Him. I wanted to dwell in that place. As you walk in the glory, as you walk in the righteousness of God, if you continue, you will be no more because you cannot walk in this place and your flesh remain dominant. If you have thought and have asked, ‘How did I (Enoch) walk that way? How did I walk with the Father without the Holy Spirit indwelling? It was all by faith.”

Stephanie remarked that we learned in our prior engagement that faith is a substance.

Enoch continued, “This is aligning.”

David asked, “So, Enoch it was all about faith?”

Enoch replied, “Exactly. My faith caused me to seek the relationship. It caused me to chase after what I knew I could achieve. Yes, there were times of separation. Yes, there were great times of singleness away from the familiar to embrace the supernatural presence.

Once I found out that it was an abiding place and that it was accessible, I desired it more.

“Tell the people on Sunday, they must desire to walk in His righteousness. It is not just an action, but it must also become their desire.”

Stephanie interjected, “It has to be their agreement.”

Enoch continued, “First priority, seek first the kingdom and His righteousness. This must

be priority.”

David prayed, “Father, we seek Your Kingdom, and we seek Your righteousness. We seek Your Kingdom first. And we seek Your righteousness. We seek Your Kingdom Father and you Lord. Righteousness.”

Enoch added, “Seeking the Kingdom first and its righteousness, by default, will cause the things that you desire and need to be added to you – to be given to you. Remember the scripture that says the fowls of the air, they don't work, they don't toil. The flowers do not worry about their color. Those things are added to them.

“It is impossible to enter into truly His Kingdom and His righteousness without also understanding how to enter into His rest and embracing His ease to abide in Him to walk. As I walked in Him, I learned how to enter into His righteousness because I became at ease.”

David remarked, “I get it. Thank you, Father. Thank you, Father for your rest. Thank you, Papa.”

Stephanie asked, “Enoch and Paul, can we request the garment of the explosion of His righteousness as an action? I work in that realm and Heaven knows that as I see myself doing things as an agreement. I get it better.”

Paul replied, “It will be a perfect fit.”

Stephanie continued, “I ask the angels to bring, as I seek the Kingdom, and His righteousness, as a garment for me today, for David, for Ron, and for the people of Sandhills Ecclesia, and that the explosion of it fits perfectly well within my being that we may reverberate the explosion of His righteousness in Jesus' name.”

Pausing, Stephanie remarked, “I am putting on my garment.”

David interjected, “Yes, it does perfectly fit. Wow!

I added, “An interesting thing is that you seek righteousness, but you are righteous.

“Kenneth Copeland wrote a booklet called ‘The Force of Righteousness,’ teaching that you had to live from a righteousness consciousness as opposed to a sin consciousness. We were all taught to live from a sin consciousness.”

Stephanie remarked, “Well, while you were talking, and Paul was downloading all of that to you. I had an understanding that what we've done is we've taken on that scripture that our righteousness is his filthy rags and we stopped right there. We couldn't go further and say, ‘Oh, but then I accept His righteousness. We stopped right at the fact that we have filthy garments. And so, we, we took that old thought pattern, and it became a mindset.

David added, “I can see that, and I can see where that created a barrier or a wall. or a limitation to even accept his righteousness.”

Stephanie commented, “It's like no, no, no. I am too filthy to take that!”

David continued, “But in the finished work of Christ, we are His righteousness. We are righteous because of Him.”

Ron interjected, “Then you’ve got Isaiah 61:13, ‘Put on the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness that they may be called trees of righteousness, the planting in the Lord.’ That they may be called the trees of righteousness.

Stephanie exclaimed, “And we are rooted and grounded in love. That is a tree. And the tree shall be established.”

David, quoting Psalm 1 said, “It should be like a tree planted by the rivers that brings forth fruit in due season.”

I added, “Now here's in that scripture from Isaiah, when it says that we are called trees of righteousness, the word tree there also means a chief.”

Stephanie remarked, “That's governance, isn't it?”

I continued, “It also means a mighty man.”

Speaking to David and I, Stephanie said, “You will need to release or let the people know that they can accept the garment of the explosion of His righteousness, because see if their garments are as filthy rags, and that's where they stopped in the past, now they can put on His righteousness and wear it as a garment and realize they got they're righteous.”

I continued, “Now, let me read something else. That phrase, ‘they will be called trees of righteousness’, one translation could be they will be accosted, not just called. It will overtake them almost like as if you were tackled in a football game. It could read, “You will be accosted as a chief or a mighty man of righteousness.”

David remarked, “The reason this revelation was kept was because if the body of Christ ever came into this understanding, the old mindset – that old paradigm of teaching that ‘I'm just a worm’ and all that kind of stuff, it would have cut the head off of it.”

I added, “What will the planet be like in 50 years as the sons grab this? Society should have been far different than it is now. We had to come up to zero to begin to build on it. We were so far back. We must be brought to zero to go forward. Some of our teachings lately have been back to the basics, but we had to undo and take off the old mindsets, in order to accept the simplicity of what this is.

“In Hebrews, there is a whole series where Paul is instructing, “Let us put on, let us do this, let us do that. And because we had to take off some things, in order to put on some new stuff, we were like the proverbial homeless lady with a shopping cart and, and five layers of coats and sweaters.

It’s time to take off the old filthy rags and put on some new garments – garments that are more befitting a son of God.

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