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Capture Bags

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

New Tools for Your Angels

Stephanie and I had engaged Heaven and Ezekiel (the Chief Angel over LifeSpring) appeared carrying a red bag. We asked, “Why is it red?”

He replied, “It is red because of the blood of Jesus.”

We asked, “What is that you are carrying?”

Ezekiel answered, “It's a capturing bag.”

We asked, “What have you captured?”

“Infiltration,” he replied.

“Well, thank you,” we said.

We sensed that he wanted to teach us about Capture Bags, so we welcomed his instruction, and he began.

“These capturing bags are very important to be released and commissioned to the angels. The size of them matters. Begin to see, as you release capturing bags, the various sizes. There will be different sizes for different means. The one I am carrying is a large size, it was a large infiltration, and it was necessary and needed for this specific capture. There are other capturing nets/capturing bags that will be of different colors.”

Stephanie said, “I'm seeing them presented as blue and green, there is gold, there is also orange and purple.”

Ezekiel continued, “Each one of those represents not only a color, but a size, depending upon the capture needed. Equip the angels with all the sizes. They are representative of a specific task and it's what they use for specific captures.

“The one he has that has that is red representing having the blood of Jesus infused in it was needed and necessary to keep the capture of this infiltration.”

“Ezekiel,” Stephanie asked, “What will you do with that bag?

He replied, “We will destroy it along with the bag. There's a never-ending supply of the different sizes that represent the colors of the bags.”

Stephanie remarked, “This bag and the infiltration of it with the blood of Jesus I'm seeing it like a grid that is keeping the infiltration in that bag and is part of the dismantling that is taking place on the earth today.”

Ezekiel interjected, “These capturing bags are not new to angels, but they are new to you regarding the different sizes and their meanings. This will be an important part that the ecclesia/the people will need to understand while commissioning their angels. It's a tool.”

“They are considered classifications in Heaven. There are some that are classifications for small demons–things that are easily captured, or easily contained. Then there are some that are classified specifically for domains. It will capture a whole domain. This is where the fun begins when capturing domains.

“The authority that you have through Jesus to commission us in the capturing of these domains–the collapsing of these domains. Other angels will be around with other classifications of these capturing bags, capturing the entities trying to flee. This is a part of a strategy of Heaven given to the saints to walk in freedom–to walk in their freedom and victory.”

I had a question for clarification, “When we commission with all the sizes of bags, do we also commission with the colors?”

He replied, “Right now you will commission with the classifications. Request all the classifications of the Capture Bags. Later I will teach about the different classifications that are represented as colors. But today I have taught you about this one–this red one. This is one of the larger ones. It is not the one for domains, but it is used for infiltrations.”

Stephanie asked, “Is it used for witchcraft?”

He replied, “No, we use the black one for that.”

Ezekiel had captured a deep penetration that was trying to impact the ministry and he captured it (he, and his ranks and commanders) and they used this classification.”

The day prior to this, one of our intercessors had sensed an infiltration trying to take place. We asked if what he had captured was that infiltration and Ezekiel replied, “Yes”.

Ezekiel continued, “The enemy will continue to try to infiltrate. That is why the classification of these bags is so important and the commissioning of the angels is so important. The people's commissioning of their angels with these is so important. It will prevent the infiltration into their own lives.

You have heard of worm holes. That is a type of infiltration. These are the things we use as a tool, as a part of the dismantling of those infiltrations.”

We asked, “Would you assist us in a commissioning?”

“Yes,” he replied. He was already expecting that question.

Stephanie led the way:

“I call Ezekiel, his commanders and his ranks, along with my angels to come near. Father, I request on behalf of the angels, all the different sizes, classifications, and colors of every capturing bag needed to serve the Kingdom of Heaven and to serve your people in Jesus’ name.

“Ezekiel, I commission you, your commanders and your ranks to use the classifications of every capturing bag needed for to go and capture the infiltrations, to use the different colors and classifications of the bags as needed from the smallest demon to the largest domain in the name of Jesus; to use these capturing bags throughout our realms and over LifeSpring, Sandhills Ecclesia, and CourtsNet, and those that are at work on behalf of these ministries and for their families in Jesus’ mighty name.

[Ezekiel said, “Yes, for their families because this is a type of covering.”]

Stephanie remarked, “I just saw him now in his right hand he has laid out flat every single color. And I can see them like stacked one on top of the other. He is taking them, and he has folded them up in his hand and turning around and leaving with that bag that he captured an infiltration in.

With that, Ezekiel was finished with this brief training on Capture Bags.

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Capture Bags
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