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Engaging with Jonah

Sun. Oct 22, 2023, Transcript

[This is the transcript from Sunday’s service. Please forgive the minimal editing that has been done.]


Good morning. Can you hear me? Hey, everybody.

Good morning. Hi. Good morning.

Good morning. Good morning, everybody. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning.

David just did a flip on the screen. He's happy. He did. He did a flip. Oh, wow. So glad to see everyone. We still have people coming in. How's it? How's it there? Where are you tuning in from We have people from all over. We saw Kathryn from the UK. Hallelujah. Flo and Mo. And where are you guys? Switzerland whoa and they're like six hours or something ahead of us so awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome. It is so good to see everybody you know after you know if you come every week and you get used to seeing each other it's like you expect to see each other Hey, that's my sister, that's my brother, that's, hey, yeah, there they are, there they are, there they are.

So, you know, it's exciting. And so that's one of the reasons why we ask that you, if possible, could come on screen so we can see you. We get used to seeing your faces. That's how it should be, right? We're a family. So, we're so glad Jen is up there near the East Coast. I don't know if it's snowing up there yet, but, you know. She says no, there's no snow here. Oh, well, it's just good. I you know, the joy the Bible says that the joy of the Lord is our strength. There's nothing wrong with being full of joy and happiness today.

So, we would just like to welcome everybody once again to the Sandhills global gathering here on zoom. We are representatives of the body of Christine. If you look at the screen, you see people from all over. We are literally representing the manifestation of the body of Christine worldwide. And people are still coming on. Isn't that awesome? We just glorify God. So good to see everyone. And, you know, what God has, how God has positioned us is a wonderful thing. And I know for a fact that my life has been impacted and I had a wonderful life before, but you know what?

I knew there was more, and I was hungry for more. My spirit was yearning for more. And so, I'm just grateful for what the Lord has done and is doing. How about you? How about you? Well, We're going to begin to call our spirits forward and we're still waiting on people, but we're going to go on and move forward and now Just a note at the bottom of the screen. There's a list of icons one of the icons says Reactions. And so, when it's time to share your testimony or when we ask for a comment or whatever, you can go to that very space, reactions, hit the raise hand button, and a hand will come up in the, for me, the top left corner, and we will recognize you, and when we call your name, just please unmute yourself so you can share what it is that you desire to share.

So, we're glad for everybody here and we are going to get started. This is just the top of the week. We have Tuesday night mentoring class. And for those who are silver, gold or platinum, you know, we have a Wednesday gathering for you and you can get more information about that on our website. But in the meantime, let's get started. Hallelujah. Let's get God some praise right now. Father, we just glorify you. This is the day that you have made. How awesome are you? Wow, how awesome are you?

Father, there's not enough words to glorify you in our English language. You're so grateful, you're holy, you're righteous, you're powerful. Everything about you is indescribable in one word. But we try. We try to ascribe to you who you are. Thank you for loving us. Jesus, thank you for giving your life for us on Calvary. We're here because you paid the full price. And not only did you pay the full price, but you said when the price was paid in full, you said it is finished because you died.

In our place, we now have the right and the privilege and the inheritance to sit in Heavenly places in you. Hallelujah. How awesome, how magnificent, how great, how mighty is that, that we are now called the sons of God. Father, today we don't take for granted the work that you have done. And for that, we praise you. For that, we enter your presence because there's no longer a veil. He caught a bosh, undoubted Bosa, for the veil has been ripped from top to bottom because you became the ultimate sacrifice.

We are redeemed because of it. We have healing because of it. We have the mind of Christine because of it. Hallelujah. We are called sons of God because of it. Oh, we thank you for your mighty, mighty love that you showed toward us. And we just take a moment to say, Thank you. We praise and we worship you. We prepare a seat for you in our midst. He caught them on Sandra. A rest within us. Rest in our presence. Take your place in our lives. Oh God. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. We make room for you, Holy Spirit.

Make thine abode among us today. Make your abode among us today. We welcome you. Come on and welcome Holy Spirit. Come on and welcome him in your space, in your space, in your hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah. Father, we thank you that we say like Paul, it's in you that we live. It's in you that we move. And it is in you that we have our being. We call our angels nearby. Come on, call your angels nearby. Hallelujah. I see a myriad of angels just rushing in.

There's an excitement among the angelic company today. We call you in. We welcome you angels to take your place, to take your place, to take your place in this holy gathering, this heavenly gathering. We welcome the men and women in white linen. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. We welcome and we align ourselves with the church of the firstborn. We are one in spirit. We welcome the chief angels of LifeSpring International Ministries, his commanders and ranks, Ezekiel, Albert, and Jonathan over Sandhills.

Here we thank you and all the administrative staff, all those citizens of Heaven, the great cloud of witnesses that wait for us and cheer us on aligned with us. We welcome you all. We welcome the citizenship of the kingdom of god. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Just let it settle in folks. Just let it settle in. And we are going to just align our realms today. We're going to just do that. Thank you, Father. And I'll say it very slowly and just repeat after me. Spirit, I acknowledge you and thank you for your role in my being.

So, I acknowledge you and thank you for your role in my being. Body, I acknowledge you and thank you for your role in my being. Quantum emotional realm. I acknowledge you and thank you for your role in my being. Spirit, I charge you to fulfill. Your role in unity and harmony with my soul, my body, and my quantum emotional realm. So, I charge you to fulfill your role. In unity and harmony. With my spirit, my body, and my quantum emotional realm. Body, I charge you to fulfill your role.

Hallelujah. In unity and harmony with my spirit, my soul, and my quantum emotional realm. Quantum emotional realm. I charge you to fulfill your role. In unity and harmony with my spirit. My soul and my body. Father, Abba, I invite you to have dominion. Over my spirit and I yield dominion to you this day. Jesus, I invite you to have dominion over my soul, and I yield dominion. To you on this day. Hold up about. Holy Spirit, I invite you to have dominion over my body and I yield dominion to you this day.

Ancient of days, I invite you to have dominion over my quantum emotional realm. And I yield dominion to you this day. I commissioned my realms. To work in tandem. With Father, Son, Holy Spirit, and Ancient of Days. I charge the angels over my realms. To work with all the angels. Assigned to me today. I charge the angels to work with, to assign, I charge the angels assigned to me to work with the bond registry angels, as well as the angels over my realms. I charge all the angels of my realms, as well as my personal angels, to diligently labor for the fulfillment of my scroll and blueprint.

I bless these angels. In their work with Angel Elixir. Angel food, angel bread, and other such things as they need for the fulfillment of their assignments. I bless my spirit, my soul, my body, and my quantum emotional realm. And I instruct my spirit, my soul, my body to yield to my quantum emotional Ram this day. I thank you all for the good job that you do. Hallelujah. Now, I call the design of Heaven to be dominant in my life in Jesus' mighty name. I speak to the glory within me to stand up.

Hallelujah. And I stand in my position as a son. Of the most high God. I also step into the spirit of excellence on this day. And I invite the spirit of the Lord, wisdom, understanding, counsel, might, power, knowledge, and the fear of the Lord. To walk alongside me today. I call deep revelation and unity to walk alongside me as well.

I have put on the righteousness of the Father. And I walk in righteousness this day. I also walk in strength this day. I choose also to walk with the entity honor. I ask the angels of the tuning forks to align the frequencies of my realms. I speak to the star that is a part of my body realm, and I speak to my body realm to align with the star for the body realm. In unity and in harmony with the Holy Spirit and with one another. I speak to the star that is a part of my soul realm. And I speak to my soul realm to align with the star for my soul realm in unity and harmony with Jesus and with one another.

I speak to the star that is a part of my spirit realm. And I speak to my spirit realm to align with the star for the spirit realm in unity and harmony. With the father and with one another. Now just worship the Lord for a moment. Let’s just settle into this. To the alignment. We thank you for the alignment. We thank you for the unity and the harmony. Hallelujah. We thank you for our realms. Being in sync with each other, being in unity and harmony with Father, Son, Holy Spirit, Ancient of Days.

We thank you for the alignment and the unity and harmony of our stars today. Hallelujah. Oh my God. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. I'm wondering if anyone else senses the weight. Thank you, hallelujah, yes, yes. We have been instructed to step into the quantum realms now just like just move your hands and just step into it. Just enter into it. There is an igniting in the quantum realm. Even as we stepped into it, there was an igniting.

What do I mean by that? There was a revelation. There was an unfolding. There was a release of a greater intensity and greater understanding. My God. My God. My God.. Thank you for this. Many of you will begin to discern a shifting in your cellular composition. For even as you enter alignment You activated, and you came into agreement with the purpose and the design of your blueprint today.

And the composition is being reconstructed for many of you because your very composition has been altered or interrupted. But today, today, as you stepped into this realm, you stepped into a realignment of your original design and blueprint, said God. So, receive that. Which I have made available to you. Receive the restoration and for many the renewal and for many the resurgence of the way I've originally proposed and designed you. For I made you beautiful and I made you wonderful in my sight.

For I've designed you after my own purpose, my own heart, and my own design, said the Lord. I see what looks like a sphere, S-P-H-E-R-E, and I see God's hands just moving around it. He's doing it with multiple ones that are coming forth in his hand, and he's putting it in place. He's putting this in place, and he's putting this in place, and he's putting this in place.

He said, this is about the resurgence and the renewal. Of your original design.

My God. My god. Thank you, Lord. Thank you, Jesus. Has anyone else experienced, you are free to share, just raise your hand. Glory, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah. Thank you, Father. Well, we give God praise. We're just going to wait for this. Let's wait just for another 60 seconds. Let what is being done. Let it just happen. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Susan, can you share what's going on with you?

Susan Wainscott

I'm feeling today to dance.

Awesome. Awesome. Halloween. Yeah, morgan, go ahead, sir. To share what you're experiencing.

Morgan Wereta-Harding

Once we did the alignment prayer to align the realms, I just felt so much peace and I was burping up stuff and getting deliverance. Praise God.


There's a purpose for the alignment and the resurgence. Please don't underestimate what is happening. Please just embrace it. And for many, you may not be, you may not even begin to be able to wrap your mind around it right now, but our spirit already knows. Allow the alignment. Alignment brings things back in order.

Everyone begins to pray in the Holy Spirit. To release the flow of the alignment, to release the flow of what Heaven is doing right now.

Our spirit is not surprised. Our spirit already knows. As we pray in the Holy Spirit, I'm hearing the harmony, and the unity will become stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger.

Flavia Diaz

It’s like I'm somewhere in space and I see like what look like letters or like the symbols they use in physics passing me like passing me like that.

Michael & Emily Northcutt

While we were aligning our realms, I saw a hallway of doors and as the realms were being aligned the doors were opening. And there was a gold dust and essence coming out. And as it was coming out, it was coming together in the shape of a person.

Robin Johnson

I'm not seeing a whole lot, which is unusual for me. But the best way I could describe it is I feel like a warm, fluffy blanket that just came out of the dryer that just wraps around me.

Wrapped. Around. Me. Just a warm, comforting, real soft blanket.

Jen Jones

I just feel like I could take a nap right now. There is an overwhelming peace. And I could just lay down and dream.


Wow. That's powerful. Putting things back the way we should be. Think about that. Peace comes with that guy. She said an overwhelming peace. And if you think about the word overwhelming, it just encompasses our realms, all of us, everything about us, the overwhelming peace just encompasses us. Remember, what I shared, I saw a sphere and I saw the hands of God just going around it and just putting it in place. I believe that's part of it. There was peace in that. Hallelujah. Thank you, Jen.

Robin Johnson

I just saw myself and all of us. Surrounded by a swirling around and round, surrounded by a double helix and the liquid silver in the center of it.


Wow. Praise you, Jesus. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Glory to God. Okay. Aaron or Bridget? There's a light behind you guys. So, something's going on there.

Aaron & Bridget Douglas

I just feel drunk in the Spirit right now. David, when you said when you saw the sword, I heard someone speaking of war.

I heard some of them speak of War. I heard Jehovah Gibbor is in the process. of doing battle. There are many battles. That you are fighting. That you should allow me to take the lead in. I heard Jehovah Gibbor say that I am the God of war.


Thank you, Father. All right. Anyone else? Well, praise the Lord. Praise the Lord. We glorify the Lord. The impact of this, folks, is not just going to be for today. But the impact is going to go with us throughout the week and even beyond. And as the Holy Spirit brings us back to your remembrance, remember because we've gone here once, we can step back into it again. As many times as we recall, we can step back into this place because today we have been given access.

And today it has been registered in our spirits. It has been registered in our realms. Hallelujah. What a wonderful gift. What a wonderful, awesome privilege. As Emily was saying, doorways were opening. Access, access, access. Hallelujah. Praise the name of our God. Hallelujah. Okay. Second Peter, the first chapter, and this is in the mirror. First, God's desire is that we may know now increasingly, wow, I'm kind of drunk. Let me start all over. I don't know if that made sense.

God's desire is that we may now increasingly be overwhelmed with grace as his divine influence within us and become fully acquainted with the awareness of our oneness. The way he has always known us is realized in Jesus our Master. (2 Peter 1:2)

Let me tell you what I just experienced. This, I feel like, folks, I've got I got a quick drunk high or something. As I was reading these words, I got drunk as I was reading the words, it's like the words were pouring into me.

And I'm not a drinker. I wasn't a drinker in the world. Okay, we're going to try it again. You know how when someone gets drunk, their speech gets slurred and I feel like my tongue, I feel like something's going on, Michael. Okay, we're going to try it again. I hope it makes sense. If not, just say he was drunk when he was reading it.

God's desire is that we may now increasingly be overwhelmed with grace as his divine influence within us and become fully acquainted with the awareness of our oneness. The way he has always known us is realized in Jesus our Master. (2 Peter 1:2)

Wow. The way he has always known us. Is realized in Jesus our Master, the way He has always known us. He wants us to be increasingly overwhelmed with this grace. The understanding of who we are that we are totally encompassed and engulfed in our oneness with Jesus. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Thank you, father. Lord overwhelmed me.

Overwhelm me, just overwhelm me. Hallelujah. I don't mind being sloppy drunk in the spirit. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Praise the Lord. I don't know if I have a designated driver to drive me home after this. But hallelujah. Thank you, Jesus. Glory to God who this is. Overwhelmed like the verse said,

Dr. Ron

Hey, Doc, pay attention to this Scripture, I want to read it a little differently than what David did. It's in the Mirror translation, and says,

God's desire is that we may now increasingly be overwhelmed with grace as his divine influence within us and become fully acquainted with the awareness of our oneness. The way he has always known us is realized in Jesus our Master. (2 Peter 1:2)

His divine influence within us. We often think grace, oh, that's God's riches at Christ's expense and all those kinds of little cute acronyms and things like that. It may be far more than what we're thinking of. My question is, is this tied into the quantum emotional realm that we've been working with and learning a little bit more about? Because it says His grace is as his divine influence within us and become fully acquainted with the awareness of our oneness. How many of you, as you've aligned your realms, you felt a difference in your life? It's brought some things together, anchored some things, so let's take advantage of that.

Robert Rodich

Well, many of you know, for about the last two months, I've been in the flow of body, soul, and spirit and to write down what I’ve been hearing. I was just going to wait and give it as a testimony. I'm able now to quantify, and all I must do is type it out. And so, for instance,

This is going to be important. Because one of the big issues that we've seen throughout the decades and even through the centuries, when God moves on people like he's moving on people right now moment by moment?

Well, I finally can put that down on paper how it flows from our spirit into us to our soul where actually our soul becomes a garden of nurturing, That then it's released into the natural mind in the form of intention and that’s when the broadcast frequency changes. You ladies are more sensitive to frequencies than men are. You can talk to someone and sense, “This person is genuine.”

How did you know that?

Well, there's a process of life, but we're going to break this down in such a way that everywhere we go (even to Walmart, even to get gasoline), you're going to be able to know, “Hey, wait a minute, the Lord just spoke to me. Let me run it through all of this.” And then boom, it just gets released so, we can both keep what's happening today and be participating in the future.

So that's very exciting. I'm really blessed to see it. Yes, grace is kind of the fuel for the fire.

Dr. Ron

Now, verse 3 says,

By his divine engineering he gifted us with all it takes to live life to the full now…. When all your realms are working together that's a lot easier because you don't have your soul fighting against your body or your spirit your body fighting against the spirit and the soul and all those sorts of sorts of things and as these things are happening in us. …where our ordinary day-to-day lives mirror our devotion and romance with our Maker, His intimate knowledge of us introduces us to ourselves again and elevates us to a position where His original intention is clearly perceived.

You know, we've heard the phrase, the knowledge of God, and we've always thought that's what we know about God. But the context is it's what God knows about you. That's quite different. And what he knows about you is what he plans for you and intends to work out in your life, no matter what goes on in your life or around your life. It's his knowledge of you. And with all his knowledge of you, he hasn't changed his mind. Because anyone would tell you, oh, well, you did such and such. Yeah, so did a lot of people.

I'm not alone in doing my junk. You did some junk along the way. You sowed some wild oats, you prayed for crop failure, all those sorts of things. See, God knew you and He still likes you. He knew you, he's still crazy about you. One of the commentaries in John chapter one is God says, you're the greatest idea I ever had, that God ever had. You're the greatest idea that God ever had. Now, if you're the greatest idea that God ever had, that's a different opinion of you than what you may think of yourself.

Now, I would say that it would behoove us to take on God's opinion of us instead of our opinion of us, right? That'll help us in a whole lot of ways.

David, do you want to introduce what you have to share this morning?


Well, you know, this is it's I, this is in line with what Dr. Ron just read. And so, as I was about to walk out of the house, I heard these words, and I heard Heaven say, tell the people these words, “I'm called to it”.

I'm called to it and as and as I was meditating on that, and he says, remind them of, and I'm going to go through the scripture. Romans, I think it's, hold on, let me get it for you guys. Hoo, hopefully I Almo was eleven, and I think I marked it. Well, it says, hold on, let me, I'm a little whatever today. Rome is 11 to 29. And it says in the King James, it says, for the gifts and the callings of God are without repentance. In the mirror, it says, for God's grace gifts and his persuasions of mankind's original identity are irrevocable.

And it goes in line with what Dr. Ron has already said. It makes you know we all had sown seeds before, and we pray for crop failure. But Heaven wants us to be reminded today that we're called to it, and he has not changed his mind. And that is because he loves you, the gifts and the callings are without repentance. You were created with certain callings. You were created with certain gifts. And so, because we've done this or because we've done that or because we made this mistake or because we made that mistake, that doesn't change God's mind.

His love is steadfast, and it never ceases. It never ends. Hallelujah. And so, I encourage you today to tap into the very thing that God has called you to be. Our realms know, our soul knows who we are, and even creation knows, and creation is saying, where are you? I saw you in the beginning. I saw you in your creative ability. I saw you as God intended you. I recognize your blueprint. And so, it's important, folks, that we understand, and we begin to embrace God. We are called it.

Hallelujah and yes there are baggage’s there are things that that come upon our lives uh that come to discourage us and even uh maybe a spirit of heaviness will come but the bible says for the spirit of heaviness put on the garment of praise in other words There's a there's a way out of everything. There's no temptation that comes upon us That is such as coming to man, but god has promised that he will make a way of escape So we will be able to bear it and many times we go through things because hallelujah Uh, uh that will even pass down if we go through things so that god will make a testimony out of us Hallelujah, how many of you have ever?

Had to go through a situation and you had to believe god for healing, or you had to believe god for a breakthrough and your Hallelujah. Your testimony is what encouraged you and encouraged someone else. And many times, I've heard this saying that when you're going through something, just look back and remember what God has already done. Holly New Year You are talking about giving you courage. You're talking about giving you faith. You're talking about giving you energy and power to believe.

He did it again. He did it back then and he'll do it now. Praise God. We have a God who is mindful of us. Look, look at this! Our blueprint, our DNA. And he said this, he said to me, as I was driving, he was beginning to remind me that our very DNA was playing. It wasn't a mistake. Hollow year, your eye color, your hair color, your ethnicity, all this was playing. Holly New Year. We are beautifully and wonderfully made. Glory to God. And so, guess what? We don't have to compete. We don't have to be jealous.

Glory to God. Your call is your call. Your gift is your gift. And there are anointings. Hallelujah. There are mantles. Hallelujah. That's already in place. Just put it on. Hallelujah. Put it on hallelujah just embrace it hallelujah and what I've learned how to do I call it forth I release it. Hallelujah! I tell my spirit and when I align my spirit soul and body this is so powerful because it reminds my beings it reminds my realms how I was created holy go be outside. Thank you, Jesus. I exalt you today I exalt you today as we were stepping into the realms It was so beautiful, the Spirit of the Lord.

And it was it to me, as I was receiving it, he was letting me see the original makeup of us as sons and how he was originally designing us. He said, Jeremiah, before you were formed in your mother's belly, I knew you. As I saw the sphere. It was like, God, I know you. And in his hands, he was imparting. In his hands, he was putting it in place. In his hands, he was designing. And you know, if you know anything about a sphere, I think it was Robin, she describes some kind of rings or something, but it was full of energy.

It was full of life. It was full of large life; it was full of light. And as God was designing it, I sense that in his hands, he was imparting his life, his energy, his light, his truth, his revelation. Watch this. A sphere is round. There are no bumps in it. On the surface, it looks like a globe. It was totally round. In other words, it was beautifully designed. And it was beautifully orchestrated. Everything had its place, even though it looked like a swirl inside as I looked at it.

Swirls, all kinds of swirls, all kinds of lights, all kinds of colors. And so, we're called it. Many times, the callings of God, once we come into an understanding, a relationship with him, sometimes the calling of God challenges us. Have you ever been challenged by a call of God or an instruction by God? He gives us instructions and many times we don't want to deal with it because I know I did. I've had some situations where I was like, Lord, oh, that's just too heavy. That's just too much responsibility.

But he didn't change his mind. The gifts and the callings of God. We're called to do what we've been called to do. We were made, we were brought here for such a time as this. The reason we're here in 2023 and not 1864 is because our call was for this time. Hallelujah. What he put in each of us is for this generation, hallelujah. It's for this century, hallelujah. It's for this time in destiny, for this time in the calendar of God, for this time, hallelujah. And our scroll, our scroll dictated, our scroll has said we're to be born when we will be born.

Because my call was built in and written in this time. We are to be overwhelmed with his purpose and with his design today. Oh, yes, I understand. I understand. Hallelujah. The call of God can be weighty. The call of God can be challenging. Sometimes, many times, you may have wondered, well, what gifts do I have? Most often, if you go back to your childhood, the very thing that you were called to do, you played it out as a child. If you were a teacher, you just had a knack to teach.

You just had a knack to teach. If you were a leader, it was just in you to lead. If you were a singer, most often you were singing as a baby. You were humming. Your hearing was attuned to melodies and to frequencies.

For me, I knew I was called to preach because when we played church as children, I had to be the preacher. Hallelujah. Everybody else had to be the usher and the choir and whatever. But I had to be the preacher. And it got to and that. And there were a lot of cousins in our grandparents' house.

And we all came over. And we played all kinds of games. But then we played church. But I said, you be the preacher. I said, yeah. Hallelujah. And so, the call of God, and even as a young child, people were confirming in the church, the hand of God is on that little boy.

I encourage you to embrace it. We are not a mistake. We are beautifully and wonderfully made. And he called us to it. I'm called to it. I'm called to it. In our engagement this week, we met with Jonah. Jonah had a call. He was called to go to Nineveh, but he didn't want to go because he didn't want to. He wanted God to punish him, but he couldn't get away from his call. His call ended up in the belly of a whale, but his call never changed. Oh, I've had some situations that I tried to get out of, but God said no.

And when I embraced it, what I found out personally, and I'll share this, is that the call of God, God was always waiting even when I wasn't ready, or at least when I felt I wasn't ready. But his love always helped me fast. Even when I didn't understand, even when I didn't want to submit to that, he says, I called you to it. And the most beautiful thing happened one day is I accepted for this cause was I born. I, David, one day accepted. Despite everything, despite the weightiness of the call and how I processed it was going to make me be in front of people.

And even I said at times, wow, Lord, it's like some people get away with stuff, but you won't let me get away with it. I got past that. I got past all those other hurdles and those other blockages, and I finally accepted this is why I was born. I'm called to it. And Father, I thank you because you could have chosen someone else. And even when things were difficult for me to understand the processes of why I was going through or why this happened or why this manifested, I began to understand The call was already there.

God was just unlocking my understanding. God was just unlocking the revelation of who I was in him. God was just unlocking what he had designed me to be. God was unlocking and revealing to me his blueprint. One of the things, one of the scriptures that came to mind some time ago, many are the afflictions of the righteous, but God delivers them out of all. Even in the call, there's some challenges. Even in the call, there's some things that we will have to go through. But he has promised to bring us out of each one of them.

Folks, I encourage you today, if you have not answered the call. And this is the other piece he told me. He said, there's some people today that's going to be on here. He said, you know you've been called to certain things. You know you've been sent to certain things. Hallelujah. He says, answer the call. You're called to it. Many of you have been dealing with, I'm not ready yet. I have to have this in place. I have to have that in place. I have to do this. I have to do that. I don't talk just right.

Let me tell you something. When God first called me and he told me to go to my pastor and tell my pastor that he's called me to be a prophet before the foundation of the world in 1985, I said, oh, I can't do that because I don't even talk good. I stutter sometimes, God. You must meet another David down the street. And then I said, well, as a matter of fact, she is your servant, so you speak to her, you tell her. He didn't change the call. I went through months, kept bringing people in my life, confirming what he told me to do the previous year that I didn't do.

Because I didn't feel like I was worthy out of me. And one thing I said, oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Lord, I am not trying to be disobedient. But the people will never say I lifted myself. They'll never say I exalted myself. And the call was to be and then I knew to be a false prophet, there were consequences. And so, within David, I want to weigh this thing out. God finally brought it to pass because he sent someone He said I got a I have a word from you from the Lord seven months later He said but I cannot say it until you go get your pastor.

I knew what that person was going to say And when he got my pastor and she said the lord said this man is not just an elder But he's a prophet god called him before the foundation of the world, but you must proclaim it before the people My parents and I never talked about it again. Two months later, nine months later, I was getting ready to be preached, and she was introducing me, and the Spirit of the Lord spoke to her, and she said, from this day forward, we should not refer to Elder Porter as Elder, but he should be known as Prophet David Nathan Porter III.

Public affirmation. I could not run away from the call. I was a part of a fellowship, and I hid under the title pastor because it was more acceptable. It was comfortable. It didn't put me out there. Who am I talking to up in here? Oh, yeah. I'm talking to somebody up here. I sense it. It was comfortable to be in the background. I tried to share that with somebody when I moved to the South, but they didn't hear me. But I'm not going to call their name. Ron Horner, I'm not going to call their name.

Hallelujah. But the cause, he loves us. He loves you. Hear what he's saying today. The world needs you. The world needs you. Your calling is important, whether it's to the marketplace, whether it's to education, whether it's to the political arena, wherever it is, your call is important. You are the light. You are the representative. You are the manifestation of the very blueprint and plan and idea and arrow of God where you are designed. See, God didn't make any mess. But he designed you that when he launches you, you are designed to hit the bullseye.

You're designed to get the job done. You are designed to bring influence, breakthrough, revelation, truth, and light. You're called to it. Thank you. Thank you, David. We're going to find out that nickname. Doc, go ahead and show what you have got.

Robert Rodich

Well, I'll be brief. When David was talking about a sphere, we must realize when we're born from above, we're on a completely different operating system now. We don't have chakras anymore. We're not attached to the earth’s frequencies. We're affected by them, but we're not attached to them the same way we were when we were on the old operating system that's called the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. So, one of the big things we've got to do is realize that what the Lord was showing Brother David is real. Now, the colors and how vibrant it is inside is determined by your free will and my free will and how we allow God's grace to move in that.

But we all have a completely different operating system. So, thank you, Brother David, for being open to sharing that, because that's a huge, huge revelation.

Dr. Ron

Now, when we do our engagement, sometimes they're a little strange. Well, this one fits the bill for that. When we stepped into Heaven, we found ourselves in the belly of a whale. Okay. That's not the normal place we find ourselves. You know what I'm saying? I mean, well, Thursday afternoon, let's go to the belly of a whale for a change. It didn't happen that way. Right, David?

Okay. Now Stephanie was helping and said, “What's funny is that Jonah is in the corner of this whale's belly with us.

And I know this didn't happen this way. He was just in mud, and I mean in muck and mire and all that kind of stuff. As a matter of fact, it says that he had weeds wrapped around him in the Book of Jonah. Okay, now I don't know about you, but I'm not really interested in wading through seaweed. Okay. However, he goes on to say, the whole time he probably felt like he was drowning for three days. He's over there in a dry area with a little fire going. And he's sitting down. Well, it reminds us of a cave, and when you sit around a fire at a cave or something, and we ask the question, well, what would you like us to learn?

Because if you're in that setting, there's going to be a lesson somewhere. You know what I'm saying? There's going to be a lesson somewhere. So, let's go ahead and find out what's going on with that. He said, these are the quiet spaces. Now what's funny to me, Jonah, because we're in the belly of a whale, this is Stephanie talking, he said, Heaven said, I got your attention, didn't I? Okay, it got our attention. And he said, can you imagine? Jonah asked, do you sometimes feel like you're in the belly of a whale with no way out?

Anybody know the feeling? Wave at me if you've had that feeling sometimes. You've been in the whale's belly. Okay. Jonah continued. He said, would you not have thought that, that you're in the belly of a whale? I believe that this place was my ultimate demise. Remember, he had just got thrown off a ship going through a storm. And that's where he ended up. And it tells us in the book of Jonah, it says, and the Lord prepared a fish, a great fish. Now the Lord prepared a few things in the book of Jonah, and it puts it that way.

So, you need to ask yourself, if you find yourself in the belly of a whale, God may have prepared that belly of a whale for you. Okay. However, all that works. You get to ask Kevin, Okay, I won't tell you now. He said this. He asked David, “Do you feel like you were in the belly of a whale in some situations? David said, yeah. He asked Adina, “Did you feel like you were in the belly of a whale sometimes? She said, of course. And then he said, “Did you get out? Did you get out of the whale's belly that you were in?

She said, well, eventually, yes. How many know sometimes it's more than three days, or three days is a long, long time? For Jonah, he had a long, long time in those three days. And he said, so, Jonah asked, so is your complaint being swallowed by the whale or the time in the whale? Is your complaint being in the whale, being swallowed by the whale, or the time in the whale? Stephanie surmised, and she said, “What you're alluding to is that we've complained either way, haven't we? Now, if you'll notice in the story of Jonah, there's one characteristic of Jonah that is consistent.

He complained. He was a world-class complainer. Now, it didn't work out well for him. And I tell people here, the complaint department closed a little while earlier. It won't be opening anytime soon. And so sometimes in your family situation, you need to say, hey, complaint departments closed. We're not opening it right now. We don't need the complaining. All right? So, what is our complaint? That we got thrown into the belly of a whale or that we had to spend time there? The good news for Jonah was that the whale's belly rescued him.

However, he didn't enjoy the process. Now, I'm not saying you must enjoy the process because chances are you won't. OK, now, how many been in the whale's belly, and you know that like Lance Walnut put it concerning transition, transition is when you're going through hell, but you know, God put you there. How many been through that kind of transition? So, let's keep going here with this story. Stephanie said, “So Jonah, what do we need to learn from this? In response, Jonah said, have there been times that you put yourself in the belly of the whale?

And we all get to say what? This means yes. This means no. I think we can all do this one, right? Because somewhere along the way, we've helped God out. Anybody help God out? How did that work out for you? Did you notice that he really didn't need your help? He was doing just fine. He's been God for a long, long time. He'll continue being that way for a long, long time. And he probably doesn't need your assistance. Now, I know we all know people that help God out and tell him how he ought to do things.

And that's not a view, but it's your somebody else, you know. So, let's keep reading. I'll stop meddling. Jonah said, “Could it not be that the belly of the whale was for a time of introspection?”

Do you suppose that Jonah had a little bit of time for introspection when he was in the belly of the whale? Turning to David, who had been most recently in the belly of a whale, he said, do you feel like preaching to the choir? And David said, pretty much. Jonah said, mistakes, mistakes, mistakes.

Anybody ever made a mistake? I need everybody to wave at me if you make a mistake. The rest of you can go get some stones and start throwing them at us, OK? You can have a rock concert in our honor, OK? See, we've all made some mistakes. Then Jonah said, “Were you put there to learn something? Did you learn something through some of your mistakes? Hopefully you did. Now, it's kind of like what George Patton, General George Patton said to his soldiers, said, the object of war is not for you to die for your enemy.

The object of war is to make him die for his, no, die for your country. The object of war is to have him die for his country. Okay, so when we go through stuff, we want to learn the lessons that God's got in mind for us so that we don't prolong the process. Jonah said, I learned one thing. You never get into a situation and leave out of it empty handed. It's important to get the wisdom from the experience you're getting. That's one of the ways you get wisdom is through experience. Whether it's good or whether it's not so good.

I know none of you have gone through stuff like that, but if you do, this will help you. He said, getting an understanding with wisdom being the principal part is one of the things you need to learn. Jonah asked David, he said, how do you feel going through the situation? And David said, what did I feel? Maybe regret it. He replied, Jonah replied, I was regretting that I was there. For me, it was one of those experiences I would have preferred to avoid. How many could say amen to that? You're swallowing seaweed and anything else that's in that belly?

I like seafood. I don't want it that way, right? He asked, did it stretch me? Yes. Did I learn wisdom from that experience? Yes. So, Jonah asked David, how do you really feel about those situations? David responded. Well, it brought me to a new place of submission and a place of understanding That's what some of those times in the belly of a whale should do for you And then David said no, I don't want to do it again Amn David You done with it, okay, lessons learned, right? Okay, that's no longer on your bucket list, okay, good.

You may recall that after Jonah was expelled from the whale, he was used to bringing Nineveh to repentance as he did what his original instruction was. Remember in Jonah chapter 1, the very first verses, the Lord gave Jonah an instruction to go to the Nineveh and preach. Jonah promptly got ready and went to Tarshish. That's the opposite direction, okay? It's like what Bugs Bunny used to say, you made a wrong turn at Albuquerque or something, okay? Then Jonah preached and the whole city got saved.

Then he got mad about it. Now you've had a citywide revival and then you get mad at God because they responded. Something is wrong with that picture. That's complaining. That's ignorance called deceit as Kenneth Hagin used to say. Okay? He preached; the whole city got saved. He got mad about it. He went out and sat under a tree, a plant, and the Lord caused a gourd to spout up and cover him up. The next day, Jonah says, and the Lord prepared a plant to grow up. And it shaded him from the heat.

The next day, the Lord prepared a worm, and the worm ate the gourd plant. And so, he had no shade. Then the east wind blew and created, made him very uncomfortable because guess what? The complaint department was still open. Now, let me give you a little hint. If you're digging a hole, stop digging. If you're going through something and you're digging a hole with it, get rid of the shovel, please. You're not helping yourself. You're not going to eventually get to China or wherever the opposite place on the earth is from you.

You know, they used to tell us in the States, I'm going to keep digging a hole and dig all the way to China. That's going to take a while. It's going to take a few shovels, isn't it, David? And he said, don't be a complainer. Because even when he got the plant and it shaded him, the next day it died, he complained about that. What got him into the belly of the whale was disobedience. He ran from God, he ran from what God told him to do, and the whole ship almost went down with him. Must remember that your disobedience can affect a whole lot of people.

That's one of the lessons the Lord's bringing out in this today. He said, “The whole ship almost went down with him. They had to throw him overboard. They were throwing everything overboard. He finally had to tell them, it's me, because they cast lots and said, oh, it's Jonah. They tried to go on with Jonah on board. They didn't want innocent bloodshed on their hands. The storm got worse, and they finally just tossed Jonah overboard. As soon as they tossed him overboard, the storm settled down.

See, you can be creating a storm for somebody else by your disobedience. That can be a hard pill to swallow. So, you want to always make sure that you're on the obedient side of things. Okay? He wasn't supposed to be on that ship, and he put those men in danger. He never should have even been there, so he created havoc for them, and they were throwing everything, their provisions, their cargo, everything overboard. They had hardly anything left, and the ship was sinking. He was out of position.

He almost, through his disobedience, cost the lives of a whole bunch of people who wouldn't have been in danger had he not been on that ship. He also wasn't telling the entire city to repent. The city was going to be destroyed by what was coming. And Jonah, we asked Jonah, are you trying to talk to us about disobedience, our own disobedience? Jonah replied saying, “I’m talking, I'm trying to talk to you about your positional place as sons. If you don't take that positional place, it can be ruined for a city, and you can end up in a smelly belly.

If we don't, we may end up in a smelly belly and we may have endangered other people all along because of our disobedience, because we're out of place. If we're in the wrong place and in the wrong position, that can cause danger for those around you. You can be causing havoc for them because you're not in the right place, but over at this other place where you're not supposed to be. There's a void there that you're not you, that you're supposed to be filling. Heaven said, if you're not governing, there could be lives at danger because of it.

With that, Jonah stood up, turned, and opened the door and went out. It wasn't even a whale at all, but it certainly had the look of it and the smelly belly and all that sort of thing. As sons, we're supposed to get our positional place from the father. We're going to get our alignment from him. Stephanie suggested there's maybe a little bit of courtroom work that could be done today based on repentance for being and choosing disobedience where we have chosen disobedience at times. You know, we all, and sometimes I've decided I don't want to go there.

I don't want to do that thing.

Now, so what do we need to do about that? We need to take care of that in the courts today, don't we? Because it tells us that obedience is better than a smelly belly. It's better than sacrifice, better than a whole lot of negative things that we can bring into our lives and into the lives of others because of what we've done. So why don't we take a pause for just a moment and begin to do that. We recognize that there have been times in our lives that we have been disobedient to your instruction.

And we know that you're not obligated to give us a new instruction just because we didn't like the last one. And Father, where we've prejudged the situations, Father, we repent. Where we've disobeyed your instruction, we repent. Father, where we've chosen another way because we didn't want that way, Father, we repent. We ask your forgiveness in Jesus' mighty name. We ask the blood of Jesus to cover us and our situations in Jesus' mighty name. Amen. Amen. Adina, have you got something?


Learn the lessons. Learn the lessons. Learn them quickly. The quicker I learn the lessons, the less time I must be in an unpleasant place. Amen? Amen. Thank you.

Okay. Put it forward to Adina. And unmute number three and unmute mine. He could give more warning, couldn't he? So, people could be prepared. Just like that. All right, jump to it. Smelly belly and all. All right, he preaches a on Thursday. You went through some of my stuff that I was going to say, so I got something else in.

In Jonah chapter 2, okay, Jonah is in the whale. And while he's in the whale, in this time of introspection, because guess what? He didn't have time to do anything else but, you know, maybe tread water for three days and get his head wrapped with seaweed and all that stuff. And it just sounds horrible. So, the Lord was positioning him so that he would look inside. And sometimes the Lord does that for us. Look inside. What's inside? Where are you inside? So eventually Jonah got after three days and three nights, Jonah got To this point to this place He had stopped running from the presence of the Lord See that he had told the sailors that he was running from the presence of the, Lord So They knew they're like we'll pray to your God.

Maybe he'll maybe he'll spare us Because praying to our gods is not working throwing everything overboard. It's not working. We're sinking. I so finally Jonah gets to this point which is probably he had to get to his lowest point and this is what he says Jonah chapter 2, I cried out to the lord because of my affliction and he answered me out of the belly of sheol I cried And you heard my voice, for you cast me into the deep, into the heart of the seas, and the floods surrounded me. All your billows and your waves passed over me.

Then I said, I have been cast out of your sight, yet I will look again toward your holy temple. The waters encompassed me, even to my soul. The deep closed around me. Weeds were wrapped around my head. I went down to the moorings of the mountains. The earth with its bars closed behind me forever. Yet you have brought up my life from the pit, O Lord my God. When my soul fainted within me, I remembered the Lord, and my prayer went up to you, into your holy temple. Those who regard worthless idols forsake their own mercy, but I will sacrifice to you with the voice of thanksgiving.

I will pay what I have vowed for salvation is of the Lord. And look what happened next. So, the Lord spoke to the fish and it vomited Jonah onto dry land. So, Jonah had to get to the point. This scripture right in here tells me that he was in the water for a while before the fish swallowed him. So, he's trying to swim. He's trying to tread water and Then he's sinking going down to the moorings of the mountains, so he went into the deep and Was about to die when the whale swallowed him So at his lowest point, then he still took three days and three nights.

In the belly of the fish before he got to this point where he could look to the Lord, realize the Lord's turned away from him because of his disobedience, because he ran from the presence of the Lord. And that's something we don't ever want to do. And certainly not for very long, because it puts us in the wrong place and in the wrong place, it puts us in trials that may be too great for us. Things we don't want to go through and shouldn't have to go through, but we go through them because we ran from the presence of the Lord.

And if we're honest, we've all done it at some point in some manner. Some run harder and faster than others and longer. But we may all end up in the belly of the whale, a time of introspection, a time when we can't hear the voice of the Lord. Because we didn't obey the last thing he said to us. So, he's not going to tell us anything else because we disobeyed. So even in that state. When in it, he could not get out. He could not get himself out. There was no way that he was going to survive on his own.

For much longer, three days and three nights in the belly of the whale. He says, “I’ve been cast out of your sight, yet I will look again toward your holy temple. And before he is thrown out, vomited out of the whale, he says, you have brought up my life from the pit. Oh Lord, my God. So, the Lord sees his positional change. And says, now I can get you out of it. Now, things can change. When my soul fainted within me, I remembered the Lord. And my prayer went up to you into your holy temple. You ever had those moments when you knew that you knew that you knew deep within you, within your being, you knew God heard your prayer.

You knew Heaven stood at attention. It was the right time. You prayed for the right thing because you had your heart positioned correctly. I call it falling at the feet of Jesus. And that total surrender. And when Jonah had that total surrender, then the Lord spoke to the fish who vomited him out. Now imagine this, a whale, or giant fish, big enough to swallow a man, can't get too close to the shore or it'll be beached. So, I'm just thinking, okay, maybe this might've been some kind of projectile vomiting to throw him out.

Cause it didn't say that the whale or fish was beached to do it, but Jonah ended up on dry land. No more in the water. He'd spent a lot of time in the water. I heard a minister one time say Jonah probably came out bleached white from all the stomach acid of the whale. His whole skin might have been bleached white and seaweed wrapped around his head. He probably looked and smelled horrible. And then he goes into Nineveh and says, repent, because in 40 days you're going to be overthrown. Your city is going to be destroyed.

You're all going to be killed. Repent. So, what would you do? What they did, repent. They put on sackcloth and ashes, even the leader, the king of the city, He took off his kingly robes, he put on sackcloth, and he sat with ashes in repentance. So as the leader did he commanded everyone to do no one to eat or drink they could not even drink water to show the true repentance and god saw in verse 10 of chapter 3 then god saw their works that they turned from their evil way and god relented from the disaster that he had said he would bring upon them and he did not do it the next verse in chapter 4, But it displeased Jonah exceedingly, and he became angry.


AND THE LORD SAID IN VERSE FOUR, IS IT RIGHT FOR YOU TO BE ANGRY? So, Jonah had some more work to do. So now he's in Heaven teaching the rest of us. How to avoid the smelly belly, as we call this message, the smelly belly. How to avoid it. Obedience. And as Ron quoted, obedience is better than sacrifice. He wants our obedience. Our heart yielded completely to Him. All the places in our hearts, all the secret places, He wants to be Lord over. So, we're not treading water. Having to be thrown overboard.

Being in the smelly belly. Come out with bleached skin and seaweed. And still with a bit of an attitude. No, folks, let's get rid of the attitudes. Let's get rid of the disobedience. Get rid of what keeps us from obeying him. And Father, I just ask you to show each one of us if there are any areas where those areas of disobedience are. So that we can complete our mission on this earth, complete everything you want us to do. So, show us the Lord teaches us your ways and we'll walk in them. Following you.

We don't want to spend time in the smelly belly.

Ledeana Kelley

A few weeks ago, Dr. Ron spoke gracefully to me, and I'm deployed in Vermont working on the disaster caused by excessive rains back in July. And that was almost immediately noticeable in the workplace. And then a couple of weeks ago, I had difficulty with an applicant. That's not good for someone in my position. And it really doesn't matter whether I did anything wrong or not. But we had to get that applicant back on track.

And the infrastructure branch director, he's the head of the recovery, he went out with me along with my task force led to meet with that applicant and help get things back on track. He didn't have to do that. He could have very easily assigned another DDMG and sent me home. But he did not. He went with me to help me get it back on track. That, in my eyes, I think that was really Lord's grace and mercy in that situation. So, I just wanted to share that and celebrate that.

He's merciful. He's faithful. Amen.


A man. And he's mindful of what we're going through and what we need at the time that we need it. Amen. All right. Any more testimonies? We didn't get a chance to ask for testimonies earlier today, so are there any testimonies? All right. There's one. All right. Sharon Moultrie, all the way from Utah. Oh, there's Mr. Moultrie.

Tony Moultrie

All right. My testimony is about some challenges I went through for the last three weeks. I have a home that has a pool. And I don't know if anybody knows anything about pool. They're very expensive to maintain. And so, I try to do as much as I can to work on it myself instead of having some pool guys come and charge me an absurd amount of money to get it fixed. And so, I was going through the challenge of that. And then also my car started leaking fluid. So that tells me my water pump was gone.

So here I am dealing with a pool and my car has a problem with my water pump. And I don't know of anybody that works on vehicles when you order parts online when they say it'll be here on Thursday, well, that could go to Friday, sometimes Saturday, sometimes, well, they don't deliver on Sunday, but it'll come up maybe on Tuesday. So, I guess what I'm trying to say is that for those past three weeks, I've learned to have patience. Because I'm a guy who must- I'm a guy that when I want to do something, I want to get it done, get it done, and get it out of the way and go on to the next thing.

Well, that didn't happen. I had to have patience with the pool. I had to have patience with my car because the parts weren't there. But then Sharon said, “I have an angel by the name of Nathaniel. So, every time I get up in the morning, to go to my realms and put them in line. And then I said, Nathaniel, okay, here we go. And he helped me through that. But I just wanted to say that, you know, that experience I had for those three weeks was a time of God teaching me how to have patience because that's not one of my good suits.

And I struggled with that. He helped me through that, and Nathaniel helped me through that. And I just wanted to say that whoever is going through some situations like I did, I guess the key word there is patience.


We all need patience at some point or another. And, you know, I can relate. You want to get it done, get it here and, you know, move on to the next thing. Awesome. Yeah. Thank you for sharing. Thank you for sharing. A man, anyone else? Anyone else?

Linda Durkee

Good morning. This is an ongoing scenario with my son and all that process. Anyway, the last write-up is that we found out on Thanksgiving Day, Canadian Thanksgiving that the prodigal is meeting the other son who lives here, and they're going to spend a week together. And so, that son said to me, if you want, if you want me to take anything to him, let me know. So, I thought, okay, God, this is another opportunity, but I must make sure that I don't barge in there and say things that I don't need to say.

So, I thought, okay, is there anything that I could give to this other son to take to you? And so, the response didn't come through the usual area the way he usually texts me the other son called me and said he wants some of your baking. I said, “Really?

“Yes.” So, then I text what would you like and so he said oh well this and this and this and this so it's just one more thing okay just a little bit closer And in the process, on my side, God has been dealing with me. I'm not sure I've been in the belly, but there have been things where he's been saying to me, you know, you need to look after that situation.

You need to apologize to that person. Okay. So, I'm just celebrating that God is scrubbing off, you know, The heavy duty scrubbing and I'm taking it and I'm rejoicing that. I don't have to complain. I have a PhD in complaining, and I'm so grateful that during this whole process, I'm giving up. I'm giving it up. It doesn't work for me anymore. Thank you, LifeSpring. Thank you, Sandhills. Thank you all.

Christine Ugbomah

Blessings, each, and everybody.

I wanted to say that I had a session Monday. After trying to do everything I was told and was not getting an answer to a situation that I had.

I did the repentance work and then found what the issue was. I was able to repent on that behalf and had to come under a specific ministry. And that was the whole all along. So, when the nuptials kept coming back and we kept repenting, going through the bloodline, we found that that was the issue. And one of the things I said earlier was that God made a way to escape for me. And I'm really about that because I knew that God had placed me where he played what my assignment was. He had showed me like 90 days before everything. It's a place. And I felt like I was in the belly of the whale, but not because of disobedience, but because I had to be placed into the situation in order understand what's really going on, because God will drop you in there.

You can't just see from the outside. He places you in there. You step out with a testimony. You will pray differently because you have been in the battle of it. And so, every day, I said, Lord, when is my release date? When is my release? And so, the answer was that he made a way of escape for me. I was listening to Dan Duvall when he said, learn to lead with grace. Learn to live with grace and do things with decency and protocol. And so, it wasn't even, I think it was three days after the, um, the session, things begin to change and turn in a very, so that's my testimony being short, but God bless.


Thank you, Christine. Thank you for the testimony. That is true. The scripture says that the steps of the righteous are ordered by God. Sometimes we don't know what's in the orders until we get there. A man, as, as we often say here, that God tricks you. You know, he'll trick you into a situation and when you open your eyes, like, okay, here I am. But, you know, thank God that he's faithful and he will not put anything on us that we're not able to bear. Is that right? A man. Thank you, Christine.

Tony Moultrie

It's just me. I just wanted to say based on what Dr. Horner was saying about Jonah being in the belly of the whale. I guess that was me this past week being in the belly of the whale because it seems like everything that I was doing was just going all over the place and I just had to sit back and relax and allow my angels to take over and Nathaniel to walk me through it. Because like I said, patience was not one of my biggest things. But I just wanted to say, I think that's what I went through this weekend, these past three weeks. It took me three weeks to get out of that whale. So, thank you.


It shortens the time we must keep going around and around the mountains like Israel did. When we stop complaining and say, okay, Lord, what are you trying to teach me? What do you want me to learn? Because complaining As Linda said, it doesn't do any good. You know, it puts us on in the negative. And if the weight of our words, you know, you've got negative and positive and the negative with complaining, it just keeps weighing down and down and down. And so, these scales are not balanced.

Because there are words of, sometimes they're words of destruction in those complaints or accusations. And we don't need to participate in any of that. We need the words of life flowing out of us. We need the words, what would Jesus say in a situation flowing out of us so that our tongue is not filled with poison. But it's filled with life, and it gives life, and it brings life. It brings hope to others. So, I just wanted to make that a little bit of a contrast there between light and dark, life and death.

The choice is given to Israel and therefore choose life that you may live. You and your descendants after you may live and truly live. Jesus came to give us abundant life. And that's, you know, wrapped up in the peace and the joy and the love and all the fruit of the spirit flowing out of us. Rather than the negativity that just, I think it empowers the enemy sometimes. We're giving him ammunition against us, accusations against, to use against us. So, let's protect ourselves, protect our loved ones, so that we're not complaining and we're not drawing attention to those things.

We're trusting the Lord; we're seeing our loved ones in his hand. Seeing them standing right there and the father saying, they're in my hand. And the scripture of the Lord has given me about my children. Isaiah 54 is that all my children shall be taught of the Lord and great shall be the peace of my children. And there's a whole lot wrapped up in that, that he will teach them his ways. They will live for him. They will serve him all their days and great shall be their peace and all the things wrapped up in peace with the Father - nothing missing, nothing broken. So, instead of complaining about your children or your spouse or your boss, Turn them over. Cast your cares on the Lord and let him deal with them. And anytime that starts to come up rise in you say nope. I'm going to trust my father because he is entirely trustworthy. So, I want to encourage you with that because the Lord helped me with that so much over the years. I just can't tell you how many times he's brought that thing that see him in my hand.

See them in my hand and don't worry about them. So be encouraged. Bless you. I love you.

Jen Jones

Okay I just want I just would like to share a scripture, Philippians 2: 14-16. Live a cheerful life without complaining or division among yourselves. For then you will be seen as innocent, faultless, and pure children of God, even though you live amid a brutal and perverse culture. For you will appear among them as shining lights in the universe, holding out the words of eternal life.


Hey man, thank you for sharing that, Jen.

You know, and, and, and for I want to share something else. As Adina was talking, something else came to mind, and I'm going to look at this from a different standpoint. In Jonah's situation, he was given instructions that caused him to be in the position that he landed in, in the whale. But how many times have we not waited for the instructions from the Lord, and we took it upon ourselves to make a move and do things ahead of Him when He didn't even tell us to move?

Sometimes the Lord will speak to you, but He doesn't give you instructions to go to the next step. It's just an engagement or just a conversation with you and Him. And many times, when you're a young prophet, And in God's developing your gift or your discernment or what have you, you run ahead very zealously or having a zeal but not according to knowledge, right? And you can alter situations because you spoke prematurely. Perhaps at that time, and I don't know, you know, hopefully this will minister to some people as well, is that I had to learn that.

I learned that he reminded me of some things. I'm teaching you; I'm developing your hearing. I'm developing your discernment. Many times, in services, the spirit of prophecy will come, but he will let me know I'm tuning, I'm homing in your ability to discern my presence and my spirit, but someone else is going to prophesy. You wait, you hold back, and you wait. And so, we must also be careful that we follow instructions, but we also must wait to make sure to hear the instructions.

And not assume that this is what my next step is going to be. So, I just want to just throw it out there to someone because in Jonah's situation, he got instructions. But how many of us have made moves and ended up in a situation because we didn't get the whole story? We didn't get a whole understanding. The scripture says, uh, yeah, yeah. We didn't get, we didn't, we didn't get the whole, everything wasn't put in place. Everything wasn't aligned. Everything was not like it should be.

And we got excited, you know, and I can, I can be transparent. Uh, I got, I've had a situation where I got so excited that the guy was speaking to me that I just. Jumped out of the, jumped out of the corral, like being in a race and start, you started running before the gun goes off before the race even starts. Hey, you start running and you haven't been given the release. So that's just as important as following the instructions. All right, Grace, go ahead.

Grace Chang

So last week I was in San Diego with my grandson. He turned two and sometimes he would be very impatient and have little temper tantrums or whatnot. And so, I would sing this song to him. Have patience, have patience. Don't be in such a hurry. Remember, remember that God is patient too. And I'd have to put him in a timeout. And he would just kind of just sit there and do nothing. And he wouldn't say sorry or anything. But then the last day in the morning, he had a little temper tantrum again. And I just left the room. I said, okay, grandma's not going to play with you.

You're going to be like that. And then he comes running out. He goes, grandma, I sorry, I sorry. So, he got it. So, we must be patient, just like God is patient with us.


Yes. Praise the Lord. You know, Grace, I'm so... I just marvel how God gives you the little melodies. He just downloads songs at different junctures. Praise God. Continue, sister. That's powerful. And it’s w, not a whole, not a whole lot of words many times, but it's right for the point. So, praise God for that gift that God has given you. Good morning, Jacqueline.

Jacqueline Bass

Happy Sunday. I apologize I'm not able to be on, but I just wanted to share a testimony of what I'm walking through right now because sometimes you're going through um, journeys of just your faith walk and you've gotten to the point to where, okay, you know, you're able to control your words, what you're going to say and everything like that. But I heard someone say that sometimes that our thoughts can be words that, you know, we're praying one thing, but our thoughts, and so that's you know, sometimes through our behavior, our actions, we can find ourselves kind of moping and different things like that.

So that this is growth for me to not only be mindful of my words, but thoughts and behaviors and attitudes that you may not be aware of You may not necessarily be, you know, just maybe feeling a little bit sad or something about different things. So, it's just a blessing to know that, um, That that is an area that's important that your thoughts can also be words that are being released in the atmosphere. So that's something that God is helping me through. So, I just wanted to share that testimony with me, you know, concerning me. So, it's really a blessing.


Thank you so much. Blessings, blessings, blessings. Well, folks, we're going to be wrapping up, but we want to invite you to tune in on Tuesday with our Tuesday Night Mentoring. And for the Platinum’s, we'll see you on this Wednesday. Also, you can go to our website, We invite you to donate. This is good soil. And if you hit the Donate button, we have a new platform. It's called PushPay. And you can begin to use that. Now, if that is a problem or you have a problem with the push pay, you can also use the other options there.

We invite you to just support the ministry. This is good soil, and we bless you. God has spoken expansion to us. Expansion, expansion, expansion. And so, we want you to agree with us as God begins to increase and expand this ministry so that our reach will be much broader. I'm looking forward, I'm sure Dr. Ron and Adina are looking forward to coming into areas that we have not come through so that we can see you in person. So, we look forward to that and we bless you today. We thank you for your liberal giving. We thank you for your support. We thank you for your prayers. We thank you for coming on to the Zoom on Sundays and for those who come on Tuesday.

Thank you. Thank you blessings to you this week Enjoy the rest of your day and we say blessings, blessings, blessings. Have a good day.

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