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Going Deeper into the Revelation of the Glory

David and I requested a counsel meeting with Jonathan, Albert, Lydia, and others.

David began, “I see our book [the book of Sandhills Ecclesia]. It has been handed to us. Lydia[1] has just come in. And she's saying, “David, the Father is excited about Sandhills Ecclesia, and the momentum that it has been given. In fact, the momentum will increase in the days ahead and the resources will also increase in like manner as we need. George[2] agreed.

Remember to keep the flow of the Holy Spirit and the will of the Father–what is His desire to sup with and commune with His son? The revelatory flow is the pulse of the father's desire for Sandhills Ecclesia.

This last Sunday was an example of how He wants to flow amid His children. There will be an increase of His presence as you all wait on Him, as He manifest His glory. His might, and His power will be demonstrated greatly.

As you know, Ezekiel captured the plan of the enemy that had launched an all-out attack against you. The frequencies have been cleared. The frequencies have been cleared for takeoff, and explosion, and manifestation like you have never known, but it is already ordained before the world began.

Lydia is smiling right now and she's laughing with joy. She said, “All of Heaven is cheering you on. We who have been assigned to you–to Sandhills Ecclesia are rejoicing and celebrating with you for the Father has given us a glimpse of His intended outcome.”

Georgia stood and began speaking, “The currency angels had been assigned to release the wealth, and the property, the land, and the deed. They are already stationed at the appointed place. They have been assigned at the gates that will bring [the provision]. David said, “I just saw two gates open. I can see what looks like Brinks trucks. I heard say it. I heard George say, ‘Say it’.”

“So, continue to enter the rest that the Father has spoken of and has given you, It is a place of ease and a place of peace knowing that your Father has everything in store in place and ordained. All things will be executed and delivered in the Father's timetable. I see the book [of Sandhills Ecclesia] and the pages are changing colors. Like strobe lights into multiple colors.”

“George, what does this mean? David asked.

George replied, “What you see is the covenant of the Father with Sandhills Ecclesia. The colors are alive. They're vibrant. They're moving. They're vibrating.”

David noted, “Now our book is back to purple that it was initially. So, the pages were really alive.”

“Yes, George replied, “The pages, the information, the revelation, the life, the flow of the Father, the intent of the Father, the will of the Father, the heart of the Father, the vision of the Father is all included and written in your book. It is His pleasure to give you the Kingdom because you have proven to be trustworthy, and you have stewarded what you have been given and it pleases Him.”

George then just tilted his hat on of his head, turned, and walked away.

David then asked those in attendance concerning the plans for Sunday. He said, “Any plans for Sunday?”

Lydia replied, “Go deeper into the revelation of the Glory. There's more that the Father wants to release and unfold to those who will be present. Teach the people that it's in the Glory of the Father that they are to dwell. It is in your DNA. Remember that you carry the DNA of the Father. So, when He breathed into Adam, He breathed into the DNA in Adam and this revelation, this awareness that the Father desires to bring back in the earth through the manifestation of His sons, that which has been hidden regarding the Glory of the Father. He has now chosen this to be released In this hour.

“Take hold, steward, possess the revelatory life that comes with the Glory of the Father. Impart and train. Pull. Draw out. For it is waiting to be released.

“You have used the term Heaven on earth, and now you shall experience it in greater measures and with understandings.”

Those in the Counsel began to share some personal things that are not to be made public at this time, but we felt you would be blessed by reading about this engagement with Heaven. David, Stephanie Shearin and I regularly engage Heaven concerning the direction of Heaven for the ecclesia. We encourage you to do that same for your own lives, families, and business or ministry.

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Going deeper
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[1] Lydia is a woman in white who serves as the chief advisor to LifeSpring International Ministries. [2] George is a man in white who is the chief financial advisor to LifeSpring.

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