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Heaven is Celebrating God's Sons

Stephanie began, “I see Jonathan and he's got a party hat on.”

Jonathan replied, “Heaven enjoys celebrating its sons. As a matter of fact, Heaven celebrates over its sons in, what would you consider, in our time, every day because there is no day or night here. It's continual.”

Stephanie described what she just saw, “Jonathan just showed me a very clear picture of the Father. He's just walking through, what we would consider the streets of Heaven. And I see things like, cafes, very casual eating places, that people in the natural would go and it's like that in Heaven. I'm seeing these, what we would think of as storefronts and the Father is walking down the street and He's going, “Hey, did you see my son David today!” And celebrating David (with everyone there) “Did you see my son Adina today! And celebrating Adina. Did you see my son, Stephanie today! Heaven is always celebrating its sons.”

Jonathan continued, “There's a misconception of how the Father views His sons, that He's sitting on this pious throne, looking through a book, making judgements on things like, ‘Oh, David didn't quite make it the way David needed to make it today.’ That is a huge lie and a misconception. The Father continually celebrates His sons. We need to remember that because of Jesus and his death on the cross and the finality of that. The sons need to know the Father only sees them as completely righteous, completely clean, and able to come and stand boldly for before Him AS a son. Just as your sons would ask for the simplistic thing like, ‘Hey Dad, can I have the keys to the car?’ Well, as a Father, you'll give that freely.” Then he laughed and said, ‘Well, to most sons you'd give the keys to the car’ (speaking of us in the natural).”

Stephanie said, “Yes, Jonathan. We do understand what you're saying.”

Jonathan added, “If only the people could know the joy the Father has in each one of them. In His heart, upon His lips…sons. They are His sons–sons of the Most High.”

Stephanie replied, “Amen. Thank you for that, Jonathan. We often do get caught up in how we've made a mistake that day and how God must be feeling about us.”

Jonathan said, “That is a lie from the pit of hell. It is a misdirection from satan because he knows, once the sons know who they are in their sonship, the gates of hell surely will not prevail.”

Stephanie responded, “That's interesting, Jonathan.”

He said, “You often say ‘So that no man can boast.’ Who could boast? Every son is on, what you would deem as the same level. Every son had the same access to the Father, the same level to the Father. The same joy the Father has for every son. The same celebration, uniquely to who you are are, but sonship puts you all on an even plane. Knowing who you are as a son, and knowing that you are a son shakes the very gates of hell. They won't prevail.”

Stephanie remarked, “I'm seeing a common theme here over the last few days, Jonathan. Satan has tried to steal the idea of sonship from the sons and we're taking it back through the son. Well, thank you, Jonathan. Thank you, Heaven for using us, your sons to bring this knowledge to your sons.”

With that, Jonathan left with his party hat.

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