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Let the Glory of the Lord Stand Up!

As we engaged Heaven this day several things were occurring at the same time. David sensed Albert enter the room where he was, and I noticed that Albert was accompanied by at least one other being. David asked who it was and was told Ezekiel, the prophet.

I heard Ezekiel say, “Don't think it is a strange thing that you are seeing me and these others, as you have learned to engage us, you have welcomed us, and you have made room for us. So, we are showing up.

It pleases the Father to have you to learn how to accurately and skillfully engage the dynamics of His Glory and His Kingdom. While I was on earth, I experienced seeing the Glory of God many times. It is my assignment to tutor you.

I also sensed that he would have things to teach him concerning the Glory.

David then announced, “Enoch is here.”

Stephanie asked, “Aren’t these the two men that went to Heaven without dying?”

Of course, Enoch was. He was a relocated spirit. She was thinking of Elijah who was caught up in the whirlwind.

Enoch asked all of us, “Do you want to walk with me?”

We all replied affirmatively.

Enoch said, “This is fruit.”

Stephanie remarked, “The fact that they're here, we're seeing or hearing and experience this is actually fruit.”

Speaking to David, Enoch said, “My son, many questions will be answered. Many revelations will be unpacked and released. David, this is an answer to your prayer. You have longed to know about this. You are now ready.

Your journey has been long, but it has been intentional. The church here in the Sandhills is to be one of many to first partake of the realms of Glory, not just to go in and out, but to walk and live in the Glory, to maintain, to occupy, to rest, to operate from the Glory as mature sons, for many shall be matured quickly. Some shall be matured gradually, but it is the heart cry and the intent of Father to bring all sons into mature sons.

This realm, this place, this plane is obtainable. I am a witness, for many read in the scriptures about my experience, but those experiences were not even the tip of the iceberg, as you would say, for there are many things that are not written in the scriptures that I have experienced that I have come to teach you. It is my assignment. For my brother, Ezekiel and I are both assigned to you, for the Sandhills region shall be changed. There shall be a remarkable, tangible, recognizable change in your region, in your world, even the land that you occupy, for Sandhills is not just a geographical earthly plane, it has been given global authority and Heavenly authority. It is the extension of the Kingdom of God. So are the citizens and servants of the most high God. More men and women in white linen have been waiting to serve. Now come and walk with me.

Your spirits are already enlightened and aware of this existence.

And as you have practiced living spirit forward, it has afforded you the grace and the love of the Father and the fruit. The seeds that you have planted are now evident, for you shall be equippers. You are part of the last day revolution and expanding of the Kingdom of God in the earth for the balls of fire that were released several weeks ago were also the Glory and the fire of God. You have wondered what it is like to be translated. As you walk with me, as you walk with Ezekiel, and as you continue to be faithful in this, the Father will open more and more portals of His Glory to you so be attentive to every instruction.”

David said, “I see what I want to call the Yellow Brick Road[1], but it is gold. Enoch, is this the golden pathway?

Enoch replied, “Yes.”

David continued, “It is what I am seeing. I do not know if you see this, Stephanie. What I am seeing is we are walking and there are people on both sides cheering us on.” [2]

Stephanie added, “I know. There are a lot of people here. I have been in the background. Gail's been walking with me while you have been in the foreground, but there is the path that we are walking on, about which you were talking. There are two portals at which they have stopped. The two portals, they are side by side and a little bit overlapping. And they have taken something, the two of the men together, and placed it at the, (where the overlapping point is) where the two points meet at the bottom, and they have placed something there. I am trying to get a visual, to get a vision or home in on what it is, but It is like they buried it there. It is a foundational piece of some sort. It is um, it is a substance that is allowing these portals to stay open. This is what will be passed through David and Ron. This is that pass through to where they are talking about walking with Enoch.”

Enoch turned and said, “You are right sister.” Now it is a time piece that they buried. This is for this time right now. And when that time is over, these portals are going to close. But right now, the time is now.”

Stephanie remarked, “So, they're telling us, Ron, as you and I call Lydia forward or call others forward, we can step into this place, and we can say we want to meet with Ezekiel and Enoch.”

I asked, “What should share with the folks on Sunday? What do you recommend gentlemen?”

Stephanie intoned, “Well, the sense that I am getting is that it is preparation time leading up to the conference. Something is going to happen at the conference that is unique and different. I know that not everyone that is on Sandhills will be at the conference, but this revelation has something to do with the revelation of the Glory.

“This is a time that the thing that they put at the base of the portals, even though we know in Heaven, they did not bury it, the sons can walk through this. This is going to be opened for now, and it is going to be opened on Sunday.

“Gail, I keep seeing you. You have been walking with me, and these men are up here up front. Is there anything specific? I feel like you are trying to highlight something to me.

Gail said, “The sons need to know their faithful stewarding of the human spirit, the joint unity, walking in the knowledge that they can walk in it on a daily basis, from this point forward, because ‘where much is received much is required’, but because of their faithfulness in it, they need to know that all of Heaven, the Enoch’s, the Elijah’s, the Peter’s, the Paul’s and the Moses's are available to them, but they must walk in it. They must step in, know, and believe just as John the Baptist said when he revealed that he is a son just like we are sons and that there is no celebrity status in Heaven, except for Jesus. Know you are sons. There is much revelation to be given to the body.”

Stephanie added, “This is available to them. That is the time piece specifically for Enoch and Elijah. However, it feels like, and check me on this. David, that time piece is just for Sunday. I do not know, but we are going to have the opportunity to engage with them all the time – the ministry is.

Enoch interjected, “Yes, because you are seasoned, you grow by leaps and bounds and it is not past tense. It is continual.”

Stephanie repeated what she had just heard, “We grow every day by leaps and bounds in our faith.”

David asked, “What does the number seven mean?”

Adina replied, “Completion.”

Stephanie added, “Also, restoration. Also, Today is the seventh of July, the 7th month.

David said, “Wow. I was thinking earlier today, it has been seven months since we started in January. I know at this moment; I just feel totally engulfed in the Glory.”

Stephanie declared, “Ron, there will be some downloads for you. David, you will have a word that both men will be giving you.

“I want to say that I personally, (I know David does and Ron and Adina), but I just got that Scripture about how Elisha was saying to Elijah, ‘I want a double portion of your anointing.’ I am like, me too! I want that too! Standing here, I want it all the time.

“Enoch has a fireball in his hand and David, he is plunging it in your chest. He is putting right in there.”

Enoch remarked, “That should ignite something.” <laugh>

David replied, “Thank you.”

Ezekiel said, “The church of the first born has grown in numbers because of this work in this ministry.”

Stephanie said, “I'm assuming he's referring to last Sunday (when we conducted a mass transition of LHS’s.”

Enoch and Ezekiel said, “Walking in the glory is not an event. It is an expression and manifestation of what it is to live Heaven down.”

Ezekiel said, “Mirror us.”

Stephanie’s vision ended, but David was still receiving a download. He said, “The glory is the release and the authority of the sons, your birthright, your inheritance. Now, are you the sons of God now?

“This is not futuristic in theory. This is reality - the reality that has been hidden, but now it is being released.”

Stephanie remarked, “It is part of the book of Daniel being opened. It is another part of ‘the walking on water.’ I am getting the impression about when we call our spirit forward, we were told about having our spirit forward and it being the bubble around the body. But the Glory stands up to walk on water. You must have your spirit forward and the Glory, it must stand up. I cannot wait to walk on some water. I will be out on this gulf (the Gulf of Mexico which was right outside her condominium window where she was vacationing).

At Ron’s prompting, David asked about the passage in Ezekiel where the Glory of the Lord stood up. He said, I would like to ask Heaven about to share with us about the Glory of the Lord standing up.”

Ezekiel said, “Do you remember in the Scriptures where the evangelist was moved from one place to another? Do you remember in Scripture how Jesus moved through the crowd? How hard is this? It is not hard at all.”

David said, “So what question should I ask? What question should I ask you?”

Stephanie enjoined, “I know. They showed me that those who are filled with the Holy Spirit, they are indwelt[3], right? We have an indwelling of the Holy Spirit that rises up. That Glory rises up inside of us through our spirit, man. That is what stands up in us, specifically. I was sitting there going, ‘Are you telling me that those of us that are spirit-filled, that understand being spirit forward can have the Glory stand up?’”

I asked, “So how do we maximize that?”

Ezekiel said, “You all have experienced it already: Adina, when she plays music. Ron, when you teach, Stephanie, when you see and when you sing, David, when you minister, when you prophesy, you have experienced it already.”

Stephanie added, “But we are going to see, however people sense… I can see it. I see a futuristic piece of me where I am standing next to Ron and David. Kevin is standing there, and I see the Glory stand up – rise. At first, it is in a seated position when I am soul forward but then I am bringing my spirit forward and I ask for the Glory to stand up in me and it stands. It is bigger. It is taller than I am, obviously, because it is not me. It is dwelling in me because I am spirit-filled and I understand being spirit forward.

David repeated, “How do we maximize it?”

Enoch and Elijah said, “Practice releasing, speaking, moving. It is just like breathing.”

Stephanie said to Ron, “Ron, ask for the Glory to stand up inside of you right now.”

I said, “Glory, stand up. Stand up.”

Stephanie remarked, “Glory, stand up! Oh, I feel like we are ninety feet tall!”

Stephanie added, “This is Christ in us. The hope of Glory.”

David remarked, “I have experienced this before, but I did not have a label for it.”[4]

Stephanie enjoined, “The hope of Glory! This is Jesus Christ dwelling in us as we have asked Glory to stand up, and this is the hope of Glory. We hoped for it. Now we have it!

“Oh, my goodness. We can surely stand on that mountain top now because I feel ninety feet tall right now and, and reigning and governing with the Glory standing up inside of me! Wow!”

David said, “It is a spiritual reality. That is how we maximize it. Just like you have become comfortable in living spirit first – spirit forward. You do this in the same manner – just do it. You just do it!”

Stephanie commented, “Just do it! Christ in us, the hope of Glory. Wow. It takes the pressure off anybody who listens to this, that they do not have to do anything! This is Him standing up! The one who is in us.

David remarked, “I do not know if I want to call this an epiphany but, I just saw that our soul, our body, our spirit is already aware of what it means. You have been doing it but you have not been spiritually aware or consciously aware that that is what you have been doing. Every time we call our spirit forward, we release the Glory. We just have not verbalized it in that manner.

Stephanie added, “But now we are telling something different, they are telling us to stand up. It is an additional info!

“So, during this time, they have had to teach us to come forward, spirit forward, and now we're going to be standing up because of the knowledge that Christ is IN US, the HOPE OF GLORY – STANDING UP!”

David commented, “What I have been doing is I have been saying, I release the Glory. I release the Glory. I release the Glory, at different intervals, at various times in the store, in the car, I just felt to release the Glory here, released the Glory here in the store where I am shopping. I release the Glory at home. I just release to Glory.

Stephanie said, “Now you'll stand up and you'll feel it stand up when you call it to stand up.”

David added, “We were directed two weeks ago when Adina said, ‘Come out the cave.’

“That was loaded. That was loaded. It was not just us coming out the cave. This is what Ezekiel was saying, ‘Come all the way out. Abandon what you have been used to and just come forth. Stand up Glory, stand up. We have been saying Glory, come, Glory come….

I interjected, “The Glory is in us!”

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[1] A reference to the Yellow Brick Road in the movie The Wizard of Oz. [2] The Cloud of Witnesses of Hebrews 12:1 [3] At the point of indwelling by Holy Spirit, the Glory of the Lord is also present. [4] As I called for the Glory to stand up within me I had the sensation of my skin stretching – not unlike the depiction of the Marvel Comics character – The Incredible Hulk who goes from a normal sized man to a much larger being in a matter of seconds.

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