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Message from an Angel


(to Anne Harvey concerning Sandhills Ecclesia)

Even though there are skirmishes, we will walk side by side, hand in hand. For that is what the Father has destined for each of us. No longer will we be children tossed to and fro, but a new and deeper understanding will come and flow.

My angels are on full assignment now and will continue until the end. The ministry will grow stronger and stronger as the days unfold for it is my desire that it do so, for you are a living and breathing entity of my presence in the earth.

Expansion has come and expect that the enemy will try to hinder and push away and push back but it will not last.

Some may catch and understand it quicker than others, but it will be caught because it has been taught. They are words of wisdom and deliverance that are hanging like a cloud of My presence over them to bring them to my desired plan where all move together as one heart to heart fulfilling the plan I have for their lives.

It is a glorious time! A time to be joyful and not dismayed. For I am with you now even closer than ever before because you are my beloved sons and daughters of whom I am well pleased.

Because you desire to travel with me. Even if you fall and when you fall, my angels are near waiting and anticipating the next elevation I have for you.

When trouble comes there are blessings there also, ready and available for those who desire the King more than what the world has to offer.

Why desire the worlds system when it is and has been a corrupted system of defiance set against me and my Kingdom that belongs to all who come near to me?

Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice! The Kingdom is here, and repentance will always bring you near.

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Message from an Angel
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