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Quantum Leaps

Stephanie and I engaged Heaven this day, Malcolm joined us. He walked in with joy in his every step.

Stephanie remarked, “Malcolm, we appreciate your assignment to us as you're teaching us and growing us.”

Malcolm asked, “How would you like to know about quantum leaps?”

He continued, “This is Heaven’s math. There is no one on the planet that has Heaven’s math except Heaven.”

Stephanie replied, “I believe that. So, talk to me about quantum leaps. Is that what we're discussing today?”

He said, “Yes, it's a leap forward.”

Stephanie remarked, “Yes, it is.”

Malcolm said, “Consider a projection.”[1]

Stephanie, describing what she saw, said, “The way he showed it to me was a projection of someone in one space and then projecting their thought and then they were in another space.”

Malcolm continued, “In your realm, there are rules to time and space. In Heaven, there are no rules to time and space. So, Stephanie and Ron, you are already quantum leaping when you step into Heaven because there is no time or space in Heaven.”

He asked, “Have you considered, ‘Are you in the future?’ What are we really discussing? These are future ideas. These come from future spaces. These are future concepts. That is what Heaven is. It's quantum. It’s forward thinking, It's future dynamics. It's Kingdom principles.”

He said, “I’ve heard you say, ‘I’m stepping out, I’m stepping into this…’ This is stepping up–higher, dimensionally. This is a projection.

“For those who understand this, they have to lay aside the objects of their affection, which is flesh. We are not talking about literally laying your flesh down as in death, but quantum physics is life. It can be done IN life, outside of the constraints of time and space. Take a minute to take that into your soul[2]. You have been walking in quantum dynamics, every day, through this revelation.[3]

Stephanie remarked, “You’re telling me to take a minute, I'm pretty wowed right now.”

I commented, “Yes, we just haven't packaged it in this language. So, when we step into Heaven, we are stepping from one realm into an entirely different realm.”

Stephanie replied, “It's quantum.”

I remarked to Stephanie, “When you and I were kids, we were taught that Heaven was somewhere beyond the stars but it is actually as close as our nose–or closer. Jesus said, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.[4]’”

Stephanie said, “Well, Malcolm, I will say my mind is officially blown.”

Malcolm laughingly replied, “That's a specialty of ours.”

I said, “You're right, Malcolm. We agree.”

Malcolm said, “Think of it this way. You're quantumly stepping into Heaven to have court discussions and heavenly experiences. Have you thought about the fact that there's something past even that–that as sons, you can be ruling and reigning in other dimensions, from other dimensions on behalf of the Kingdom as sons? Now that's a quantum shakeup for your minds.”

Stephanie remarked, “Indeed. Malcolm.”

Stephanie, who felt her mind was blown, said, “I’ve got to stop right there. Is he talking about us, as sons, ruling and reigning beyond just what we consider the heavenly realms?[5] Heaven has got to be just so much bigger that what we have thought about.”

I replied, “Stephanie, Heaven told us one time that there are 12 Heavens. We are only dealing with the first one. And there are 33 dimensions.”[6]

Stephanie said, “Now, you know, Satan stole that for the 33 degrees of Freemasonry from that. You know he did.”

I replied, “Oh, I know he did. He's trying to copycat. He can't create, so he's got to cheat and steal. We are only learning from this first realm of Heaven. What information do you think is in the next?”

Stephanie remarked, “That's what he is about to start telling us!”

I remarked, “Yes. He's unpacking.”

Stephanie laughing, “I'm so blown away right this minute.”

I continued, “He is saying that we can rule and reign in other dimensions from those dimensions while still here. That's why you lay your body down so your spirit can go where it needs to go. You do it. You practice it every night when you go to sleep. I release my spirit to Heaven to go check in with my calendar in Heaven and do what's on the calendar during the night. I can release my spirit to go wherever the Father wants it to go, which could be another dimension, to rule and reign in that dimension.”

I asked, “Malcolm, am I catching what you're saying?”

Malcolm leaned back and shook his head and said, “Yes, I knew this one would get you.”

Stephanie said, “Well, you know, if the Father chooses to speak through me about quantum anything knowing the mishaps of math in my life and how equations work, then hurrah for Heaven for using somebody like me.”

Stephanie then asked, “Wasn’t there a television show in the eighties about something like this?”

I replied, “Yes. There was a show with Scott Bakula called Quantum Leap. His character Sam would quantum leap from one place to the another yet, he never knew when he was going leap or where or where he would end up.”

Malcolm leaned over and said laughingly, “Do you want me to continue or can you?”

Stephanie replied, “Have at it, Malcolm!”

Malcolm said, “The Father is hilarious.”

Stephanie “Okay, Malcolm continue, I think I'm okay.”

Malcolm, “Paradigms of thought. That's where quantum leaps will be able to be manifest.

“The sons have to know they are sons in order to son.

“This isn't breaking rules. This isn't even challenging scientific implications of the past concerning them. Father has laid little bits and pieces of this in some men's hearts”

Malcolm continued, “They knew principles, they knew equations, but they didn't know the way. Rulership is earned. As sons and as rulers, it will be handed down from these heavenly places.

There is a fine line between sonship and kingship.

Sonship requires faith of who they are, whose they are and that they are–meaning sons. Kingship, especially in the natural, comes down a lineage. While your lineage is in Jesus, your sonship is actually from the Father. There are no allotments of misusage in this place. That is why it is earned. It's trusted. In other words, you are trusted by the Father and its authority is quantifiable. These are the next steps.

Stephanie said, “Well, he's ended at ‘these are the next steps’. So, Malcolm, I'm more than elated about this. Keep it coming whenever you're ready. Is there more today? It seems like that was a last final sentence.”

Malcolm asked, “Isn't that enough to chew on? Ha ha.”

Stephanie replied, “For me it is, yes.”

I said, “We're grateful.”

Stephanie remarked, “He patted me on the head and patted you on the head, Ron and said leaning in real close, ‘We are trusted.’”

Ron replied, “Thank you, Malcolm. Thank you, Father.”

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[1] Malcolm is not speaking of the occult practice of astral projection which is a projection of the soul into another space. [2] Colossians 3:1-2 See yourselves co-raised with Christ! Now ponder with persuasion the consequence of your co-inclusion in him. Relocate yourselves mentally! Engage your thoughts with throne room realities where you are co-seated with Christ in the executive authority of God’s right hand. 2 Becoming affectionately acquainted with throne room thoughts will keep you from being distracted again by the earthly [soul-ruled] realm. du Toit, Francois. Mirror Study Bible (p. 750). Kindle Edition. [3] The revelation of stepping into Heaven, see Accessing Heaven in the Appendix. [4] Matthew 4:17 [5] This is discussed in my book, Engaging Heaven for Trade, LifeSpring Publishing (2022). [6] Ibid

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