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Recognizing Your Gift

We had engaged with Heaven for Sandhills Ecclesia on a recent Thursday afternoon. Stephanie described what she saw and described it to us, “Seth (a man in white we were introduced to on Monday who is assigned to the Sandhills Ecclesia Intercessors) is tap dancing. He has dancing shoes on. He's really talented”

She asked, “Seth, what is happening with the tap shoes?”

He replied, “Would you think this is extraordinary?”

Stephanie responded, “I don't know how to tap dance so, to me, It's extraordinary.”

Seth asked, “Is it extraordinary?”

Stephanie replied, “I don't know. I don’t where are we going with this today, but this is very funny. Now, he is juggling.

Seth queried, “Do you think this is extraordinary?”

Stephanie answered, “Again, I don't know how to do that so, to me, it's extraordinary.”

“Ah, I see where we're going with this.”

Seth asked, “What about your gift? Do you think it's extraordinary?”

Stephanie replied, “I do, actually.”

Seth continued his queries, “Well, what about those that don't have your gift? Do they think it's extraordinary? What about David's gift or Ron's? Is it extraordinary or is it just who you are as a son?”

“If someone doesn't have a gift of sight, but they have the gift of prophesy, should they think your gift is extraordinary?”

Stephanie remarked, “I'm going to let you tell me this, Seth. I believe Ron's gift is extraordinary, but I don't have his gift.”

Seth responded, “No, but you have your gift. Is it not equally as extraordinary?”

Stephanie commented, “It is from the Father and yes, I would say so.”

Seth asked, “Why are there those that discount their own gifts the Father has given them, and they only see the extraordinary in someone else?

“Sons must recognize their gift…their gift!
“Not a person in the ecclesia who should discount their gift below another's.

“As you well know, a son is a son, no matter who the son is. Each is validated. Each is equal in the sight of the Lord. Seeking the gifts is one thing–discounting your gift is another. Let no man esteem another’s.

“I can tap dance, Stephanie, but you can sing. I can juggle, David, but you hear the heart of the Father. I'm here and you're there, but I'm here doing work that's extraordinary and you're there doing work that's extraordinary. I'm a son just like you. Don't esteem my gift above another. Covet your gift. It is a gift from the Father. It is yours and yours alone. There is no one else that has the same gift that you have. Are there other gifts of sight or other gifts of prophecy? Yes, but are they the same? No. Just as the fingertips upon a man, each one is specifically different and unique.”

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Recognizing Your Gift
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