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Your place of productivity is in a place of rest. That seems a paradox to your soul, but it is and has always been true. Many ideas and concepts have come forth from a time of resting, sleeping, or napping. Ideas flow best when the soul is not permitted to interfere with them. God ideas are birthed from Heaven in behalf of my kids to benefit the earth and subsequently my kids. Learning to rest is something you just do. You simply choose to relax in your chair and rest. Place the same concept from what you do naturally to the realm of your spirit.

Creation flows from rest. A restedness within your spirit will equate to a creative flow in your life. Learn to live in rest. Let the provision flow from a place of rest. That does not mean you do not do things, but you learn to do them from a place of restedness. Your soul needs it. Your body requires it periodically and your soul thrives on it as you go forward.

Learning to rest is an instruction given to Paul that he subsequently gave to the Hebrews he was writing to. As you learn to live from rest, you can do so as you have seen the Father take care of you in the night seasons. You practice rest daily. By practicing it daily you will experience it daily. Learn the principles of rest for your life and it will help you in the processing of the ‘what’ relating to the things I am having you do. Live from rest, rest from rest, work from rest. A rested place is not a place where striving is a part. It is a place from which the input of Heaven can come into your life–the input of angels, of persons in white, the seven spirits, the godhead, the living creatures and others. Even the spirits of men on the earth can visit you in these seasons of rest and impart to you understandings they have gained that will help answer questions you have for your scroll.

The operation and manifestations of Holy Spirit come best from a place of rest. The prophetic flow works best from a place of rest within you. You are not striving to prophesy or deliver the word of the Lord, you are simply prophesying out of restedness.

Are you rested? Is a question you should always be able to answer yes to concerning your spirit. Is your spirit at rest? The answer should be yes. Is your soul at rest? The answer should be yes. Is your body at rest? The answer should be yes daily. Having your soul at rest will aid your body to be at rest. Your spirit can find a place of rest easily, but your soul will want to be processing answers and solutions to situations not understanding (until you train it otherwise) that the answers and solutions flow best from restedness…not just rest, but restedness.

Choose to rest. Choose to live from rest. Choose to live in rest…for the plans and purposes of the Father will unfold best from that locale.

It is geographical for your spirit which will help your soul embrace this place of restedness. It may be a meadow for some, a place by a stream for others, a place at the beach or the mountains for others. If the envisioning of those environments helps one enter the place of restedness, then use them. Find yourself in that place and rest.

Restedness will come out of the place called Rest.

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