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Walking in the I AMness of God

Are you ready for the next leg of your journey?

Hopefully the answer is ‘yes’.

As we engaged Heaven, we met with Enoch who had some things to reveal to us. Enoch had been chosen to lead us in this revelation of walking in the place of peace which we covered in a previous meeting.

This next level of leg of our journey is about authority – about ruling from the seat of authority. In our last encounter, we sat in a place of rest that was also a place of authority.

Authority is not manifested in volume. It is a position, it's a seated position. Remember the scripture that says that we have been raised up together to sit together in Christ[1]. That is a place of authority. To be true sons of God, not only must we understand how to enter into the rest and how to operate from the place of rest, but we also must understand how to operate from the place of authority.

How do we operate from a place of authority?

We operate from the place of authority in the I AMness of God.

Let's go back to the story of Moses. When God sent Moses to Egypt, Moses said, “Who shall I say sent me?” The Lord replied, “I am, sent me”[2]. When we operate from the I AMness of God, we are operating under delegated authority. Moses did not go in his own authority. He received instructions from God. When we walk in the I AMness of God, the authority of God, when we appear, He appears for we are sons NOW – not tomorrow, not next week, not next year. We are sons NOW!

The I AMness of God is operating in the now through us!

The scripture says, “As He is, so are we in this present world[3]? Are we sitting in heavenly places now? Or is that something that is going to happen later? Well, of course it is now because we are engaging with Heaven now! When God said He was I am, He was saying basically, I am now!

It is important that as sons of God, we see ourselves as God sees us as – as our Father sees us, as Heaven sees us. All the angels know who we are. Men and women in white know who we are. But if we don't know who we are, then we cannot operate in the authority that is ours and we won't operate in our true identity.

Remember what Jesus said, “When you see me, you see the Father”[4]. When someone asks us our name, what do we say? I am __(put your name in the blank . I am David Porter, or I am Ron Horner. When we say I am…., we are affirming our identity. When we rest and we walk in the I AMness of God, we are affirming our identity in Christ. The more we walk with Heaven, the more we walk in Heavenly places we become because what we behold, what we see – we become. When we embrace all the engagements, all the revelations about entities, the stepping into entities, the stepping into portals we become what those places contain. When we stepped into whatever portal it was, we stepped into whatever entity it was, and we became a part of that entity, portal, or place. We became one with it. This is a part of embracing our identity in Christ. Because we are hidden in Christ in God[5].

What does it mean to be hidden?

When a person is hidden, they cannot be seen, they aren’t the focus. They are concealed. They are covered. They are invisible, secluded, private. Let's go back to what Jesus said, “When you see me, you see the Father[4].

It is all about understanding our identity in Christ and operating from the place of our true identity. Our encounters and our walking together are to reveal what has been concealed that the eyes of your understanding would come open. The dilemma is that the sons have been delayed in walking in their identity because they have not been able to see themselves as the Father sees them.

The purpose of revealing the revelation about the blueprint is to uncover and reveal our identity.

The blueprint spells out, it lays out, it reveals our design in God's plan.

Recite the verse in John 14:9 “When you see me, you see the Father.” Put ourselves in that place. That, is that what Peter meant when he said, “Silver and gold I don't have, but such as I have, I give to you. In the name of Jesus rise and walk,”[6] Peter realized that what he carried was not of himself. When the sons of God understand what they possess is not of themselves, does not bring attention to themselves, but it is to bring all the glory, all the attention to Christ in them, then they will see what the Father has had in mind all along.

Peter was eventually able to walk and just his shadow did the work.[7] He moved from walking in an outer court experience to the Most Holy place.

As we begin to walk in the I AMness of God and begin to embrace everything that He has planned, He has given, He has designed – we exist, but we don't just exist because now we are existing not from a fleshly place, but from a spiritual place. We are totally absorbed in Him.

Enoch acquired that relationship with the Father because he kept walking with the Father.

The more he walked, the more detached he became from the ways of the world, to the cultures of his time, to the mindsets and the limitations of his environment.

Recently, during a Sunday morning gathering, David’s spirit traveled to the home of friends of LifeSpring. He was not conscious that he was doing that. He was detached from his environment. Once he came back to himself, he remembered looking at Ron, who was teaching and having no idea what Ron had be speaking about. He wondered if he had fallen asleep. He had become detached for a moment with his environment and with the outer experience of his existence. It was not until later that day that our friends contacted us and told them of David’s visit with them that morning. That happened because he was simply available to be transported.

We must become available. We must continue and learn. The sons must continue to learn to become available and to be comfortable in who they are as sons. The world is going to be evangelized, and as the sons are becoming more available, the Kingdom of God will be forefront because the sons will be available and will exist in their I AMness, totally absorbed in Christ like water in a sponge.

Paul became available. Remember when he said whether in the body or out of the body,[8] he did not know. This has always been, it has just been concealed. Now, Heaven is revealing what has been concealed. It's revelation. It is living revelation to revelation.

Our spirit has always known this. It has been our soul that has been trapped. It has been our body that has been trapped.

When we tell our soul to relax, when we tell our soul to expand, when we expand our soul, Heaven has given us the resource of the oil of ease so that we can enter this and the many revelations that are unfolding. There is so much revelation that is available, but we must make ourselves available to receive it, available to walk in this sphere in this dimension.

How do we enter Heaven?

We just speak it when we step in. We are making ourselves available to do that. It is just that easy. Don't overthink it!

We need to realize that ministry is so much easier than it was before we came into this understanding.

What are you feeling right now?

We should be feeling rest, feeling peace. Pause now and step into the I AMness of God.

Father, thank you. I now step into your I AMness in Jesus' name.

What you attach I AM to, is what you become.

What we attach ourselves to is what we become. For example: If, I AM healed – we become healed. If, I am whole – we become whole. If, I'm the head and not the tale – we become the head and not the tale. When we say, ‘I'm above only and not beneath’ – that is what we take on. If we declare, “I am a son of God,” – we become that. It is simply coming into agreement with what the Father has already said about us. It is coming into the understanding that what he created us to be, that's what we are. Our spirit is aware of this truth. We may have always thought that when we make these types of confessions, that it takes time. Why would we think that? Are we waiting on something? Are we simply trying to process what's happening?

If part of us is trying to process what's happening, then we need to expand our soul. Pause a moment and do that – expand our soul.

Do we remember the old Jello commercials that had the mold of the letters J-E-L-L-O? They had the different colors of Jello in the mold.

Heaven illustrated to me that the words that we speak, can reproduce whatever the word is, the ability is filled up in that word. Instead of J-E-L-L-O, look at H-E-A-L-I-N-G. That word is filled with the substance to bring healing when it is released to those in need. Any word can do the same. If it is freedom, it will produce freedom because that is the very nature of that word. It contains whatever it is about it. It says what it does, what it says about itself. That is why we have what we say:

I have more than enough to do all I am called to do.

Every assignment of Heaven is fully funded.

As my days are, so shall my strength be.

I can do all things to Christ who strengthens me.

I'm chosen of God.

I'm the beloved of God.

Healing springs forth speedily in my body.

My strength is renewed as the eagle.

I shall run and not be weary.

I shall walk and not faint.

I am first and not last.

I am above only and not beneath.

I am blessed in the city.

I am blessed in the field.

I am blessed coming out and

I am blessed coming in, from this time forth and forevermore.

Wherever the source of my foot should walk, walk upon.

I shall possess the land.

I have the time to learn.

As we speak these words, do we feel yourself becoming a part of those words?

If so, it is because we speak as God would speak. We are his voice. The sons of God are the extensions of the Body of Christ in the earth. The religious world will keep us in a box, but in the Kingdom of God, the Father wants us to fully express our identity in Him. As we move in our identity, as we live in our identity, as we speak forth His word, we are the expression of who he says we are. We are his expression.

We ought to be the expression of the Father. We ought to be the expression of his word. John 1:14 says, “And the word became flesh…”

Healing became manifest and was released to Peter and John.

Deliverance became manifest and came through Paul to the girl with the spirit of Python.

Whatever the word is, becomes flesh through us.

We give it the place of expression.

We are the expression of His Word.

Just like one can go from glory to glory, one can also go from revelation to revelation,

faith to face, and grace to grace.

Revelation in the simplest form is truth revealed. Truth reveals things that are hidden, uncovered, things are made available, they come to light. Embrace everything that the Father has available for us.

Let us embrace our identity in Christ. Let us embrace the truth that the words we speak are full of life and will manifest and will become the full expression of what they say. This is why it's so important that we understand that as sons of God, we have been given authority to govern, to legislate, to rule and reign.

When we go into court, that's what we have been doing. Even the revelation about governing our star is simply operating in our identity and the I AMness of God.

That's why the enemy goes after our star. It is a place of authority, a place of governing, but it's also our identity, or it speaks to our identity.

Is our star a place or a location? That's why our star doesn't look like someone else's star. Settle in on that. Chew on that. There's an awakening taking place. There's an awareness coming. It is time for the sons of God to come into an awareness – the true awareness of who they are.

Dr. Larry Lea in his book Could You Not Tarry One Hour gave this definition of “I AM”,

“I will be what you need Me to be, when you need Me to be it.”

If we need Him to be healer, He will be healer.

If we need Him to be peace-giver, He will be the peace-giver.

Whatever the need, He is the supply.

Walking in the I AMness of God will cause this to come forth in our life. Let’s start walking!

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[1] Ephesians 2:6 [2] Exodus 3:14 [3] 1 John 4:17 [4] John 14:9 [5] Colossians 3:3 [6] Acts 3:6 [7] Acts 5:15 [8] 2 Corinthians 12:3

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